2:00 pm EST, March 2, 2015

‘Eye Candy’ is going back in time on season 1, episode 8

Tonight Eye Candy is rewinding the clock and taking us back in time. Learn about some character histories in season 1, episode 8, “AMA”.

‘AMA’ synopsis

The Eye Candy episode 8, titled “AMA,” airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. The episode synopsis reads:

Lindy is drawn into the past by a message from the killer; and also unearths shocking revelations about her case.

‘AMA’ clips

For those of you who might have missed last week’s Eye Candy, allow us to catch you up by reading our recap of the episode. Or if you prefer, you can watch any of the past episodes on MTV.com.

Now that you’re all caught up, you can watch the clips below!

’Eye Candy’ episode 8, ‘AMA’, sneak peek #1

This week on Eye Candy we’re exploring character origins. In the clip above we get our first peek at how exactly the Lindy and George dynamic duo came to be. But rumor has it this isn’t the only origin we’re going to get to explore.

Tonight our good friend Ben also returns in the form of a flashback. And while Lindy is combing through old memories we’re supposed to learn a little more about the backstory between her, Ben, and Tommy. Something fans have been wondering about since day one.

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Eye Candy episode 8, ‘AMA’, promo

On top of this flashback theme, it looks like there still will be a lot to unravel in the present. Whatever tip leads Lindy into thinking they need to hack into the Cyber Crimes Unit for more information, it must lead her down a pretty dark rabbit hole.

‘Eye Candy’ mid-season trailer

And if we take another look at the older mid-season trailer, we get an even deeper look into tonight’s episode. “You used me,” Lindy confronts Tommy. He responds by saying, “that was before I ever really knew you,” so one has to wonder, is this where our flashback will come into play? Tonight we find out.

’Eye Candy’ episode 8, ‘AMA’, sneak peek #2

More ‘Eye Candy’

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Watch ‘Eye Candy’ online

If you can’t catch Eye Candy as it airs on MTV each week, you can watch the show online for free the next day at YouTube or MTV.com. Additionally, you can also purchase the episodes from iTunes and Amazon’s Instant Video service.

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