4:45 pm EDT, March 10, 2015

‘Eye Candy’: Will the real Flirtual Killer please stand up?

Last night on Eye Candy we learned who the Flirtual Killer was. Or did we? It seems a little too easy.

Spoilers Ahead!

The Flirtual Killer was revealed to be Jake, and while he did start to act shady during the episode, is it possible he was just a puppet for a bigger villain? Jake seems like an easy choice for the killer. His parents supposedly died and he was shipped off to live with his aunt, he had connections to Babylon through his co-worker and we all know he had strong feelings for Lindy, but is a he tech genius and smart enough to be the mastermind behind it all? It doesn’t seem to fit.

"Jake Eye Candy"

We know Jake is a lawyer who first approached Lindy when Sophia signed her up for Flirtual. Not long after that first meeting, Ben was murdered. It seems odd that Jake would have enough knowledge of Ben and Lindy’s relationship to know it was necessary to kill Ben after only knowing her for a few hours. The killer seems to have more knowledge than someone who just met Lindy.

There are certain times when Jake was clearly with Lindy and couldn’t have committed the crime, like killing Oliver. Sure he could have contracted out like he did for Reiss, but it seems more likely that Jake is acting on behalf of someone else. We all know Babylon was a cesspool of depraved people, so what if the real killer found him on there and is holding it against him in order to get his help with Lindy? It seems a much more likely scenario.


The evidence Hamish gave to Tommy is also not conclusive. While it does put into question Jake’s alibi, it doesn’t conclusively prove he is the big bad. And let’s talk about Hamish for a second. He conveniently just let Tommy destroy Babylon and gave him a hint to the killer? It seems highly unlikely that Hamish isn’t involved somehow. And maybe Hamish’s favor from Bubonic will be to create an even darker Babylon.

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