1:00 pm EDT, March 9, 2015

‘Eye Candy’: Bubonic is the Flirtual Killer (opinion)

Everyone is buzzing about Eye Candy and who the Flirtual Killer could be. I think we are over looking one important person — Bubonic. After last week’s episode it is clear that Lindy and Bubonic go way back and he enters her life at the same time Tommy and Ben do.

Lindy seems to the think the killer is someone she met on Flirtual but what if it is all a cover for Bubonic to make his triumphant return? Clearly Bubonic has a reason to get back at the police department and what better way than to create a serial killer that is almost impossible to find and mocks what they do. The likelihood that Bubonic is also behind Babylon is also pretty high. Let’s face it, whoever is running that black site has to be a genius with a computer.

Bubonic wants revenge. His girlfriend was killed when Tommy and Ben were trying to catch him, what better way to get revenge than use Lindy. Ben loved Lindy which interfered with Bubonic’s plot to gain her affections, so he had to go. Plus, after last week’s episode Ben might have been the only one left at the Cyber Crimes unit that she would have trusted.

Bubonic has the most to gain by separating Lindy from Tommy and Cyber Crimes and what better way to do that than to reveal that they were using her. This revelation leaves Lindy angry and essentially unprotected as she wants nothing to do with Tommy any more. Bubonic also has the skills to leave the trail of bread crumbs for Lindy to find her case file.

Bubonic in Tommy's HouseAlso along this same line of thinking, Bubonic clearly has a grudge against Tommy as we saw when he sold everything off from his apartment. Anyone spying on Lindy can clearly see that Tommy has a thing for her. Why kill Tommy when you can torture him? Taking Lindy away from Tommy by using what he did in the past against him is kind of poetic. Tommy will have to live with the fact that his actions are what pushed Lindy away.

The Flirtual Killer is constantly referring to Lindy as perfect. Lindy has not only met Bubonic but she knows what he looks like. She has had many opportunities to turn him in and she hasn’t. For Bubonic, what could be more perfect? S

he doesn’t hide behind something false or pretend to be something she is not. Lindy puts everything on the line without pretense. During her first meeting with Bubonic he says she is the best and that he had been watching her much like the Flirtual Killer does now. Bubonic may feel like Lindy is a kindred spirit and seeks to make a connection with her by showing how similar they are. She is also kind of a bad-ass when it comes to computers so that has to be appealing to Bubonic the hacktivist.

HamishAnother thought on Bubonic: what if he is related to Erica? Remember the patient from episode 6 who died then set off a virus that would take out all the computers in the hospital? Her friend Mark made a comment that stuck with me, “her family was a mess and she was the one that got away.” It seems more important that just a throw away line. Both Erica and Bubonic are very talented with computers and seem to have the same outlook on life. Also the Flirtual Killer knew how to stop the virus and offered to help Lindy.

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One final thought: what if Hamish is their older brother? Seriously, think about their meeting, they clearly know each other and Bubonic is cool with Hamish knowing who he is and what he looks like. Hamish is also the one sensationalizing stories about the Flirtual Killer, or he and Bubonic could easily be working together.

Eye Candy airs tonight on MTV and the killer will be revealed.

Who do you think the Flirtual Killer is?

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