Alan Tudyk speaks to Hypable about what’s next for Noah on Suburgatory – and reveals some big relationship developments! Plus, will Fathers of Mass Destruction get an encore? Spoiler alert!

We have spoken to actor Alan Tudyk about a number of his projects, one of which was Suburgatory, where he currently resides in the alternate, orange-tinted form of Noah Werner.

“I’m gonna leave my wife.”

When asked what we can expect from Noah this year, Tudyk drops a bit of a bombshell on us: “I’m gonna leave my wife,” he reveals. “Let me tease that. I’m gonna go leave my wife.”

Wow! We might have seen it coming, considering that Noah and Jill (Gillian Vigman) don’t have the healthiest of relationships, but they did just have a baby, so this is sure to shake things up in the ‘burbs.

Tudyk also reveals that his upcoming arc will be very much about Carmen (Bunnie Rivera), whom he’s still upset about having been taken away from him. He and Dallas (Cheryl Hines) will be having some head-to-heads about the nanny, and we’re betting their altercations are going to be hilarious.

“It’s all about Carmen for me. It’s something deeper.”

“In the last episode it’s mentioned that I’ve stolen her dog walker Ashanti, even though I don’t have a dog,” Tudyk recalls. “I’ve hired her dog walker away from her, and I’m continuing to do that. I’m hiring everybody. And then she takes my mattress flipper away… so it’s become this rich person feud, I guess.”

Carmen SuburgatoryThis will all come to a head on the t-ball field, when in an upcoming episode Noah and Dallas will be coaching rival little-league teams. But ultimately, “it’s all about Carmen for me,” he says. “Noah has to come to terms with what that’s really about for him, with Carmen. And it’s something deeper. I am linked to Carmen – I want Carmen back, and it’s very well may end my marriage. ‘Cause I want Carmen.”

And something that might help Noah bring Carmen back into his life? A mariachi band, of course. Because why not, right? “That is coming up later on in the season,” Tudyk teases. This was an experience he particularly enjoyed filming, too. “If you don’t have that on your list in life, you just don’t know what you’re missing,” he says, laughing. “You need to get a good mariachi band around you, you can’t anticipate how wonderful that feels! You really can’t. It’s like your own Mexican soundtrack, it’s fantastic. I mean I always have my own Mexican soundtrack going in my head, but to actually have other people able to hear it at the same time? Pretty incredible.”

 Fathers of Mass Destruction to return?

Suburgatory band Alan TudykTudyk also talks about the band that Noah formed with George (Jeremy Sisto) and Fred (Chris Parnell) in the episode “Chinese Chicken.” He was very excited about this storyline, as he explains, because it gave him an excuse to learn how to play bass guitar. “When your characters are rocking, you actually have to rock to get them to do that,” he says.

And hopefully this won’t be the last time we’ll see (and hear) the Fathers of Mass Destruction (and/or Mein Fatherband). “I heard the writers were breaking a story that might involve them,” Tudyk says. “We haven’t done it yet, but it would be closer to the end of the season. I definitely want to put on a scarf wrapped around my head and then be shirtless with a leather vest again. I’m always looking for that excuse…in life, at work, not at work, whenever.”

The future of Suburgatory

Tessa SuburgatoryFinally, Tudyk talks about the future of the show, as the idea of college is introduced for Tessa. “With Tessa getting older and with college coming up, my college-aged daughter is gonna come back into the picture as someone who can help Tessa out,” he reveals, though, “I don’t know how college is gonna work… that presumably would be outside of Chapswin, unless she goes to a community college? But she’s pretty smart, so I don’t think that makes a lot of sense.”

What he does know is that the writers have a plan. “When you’re signing a seven-year contract, you to have a plan going in,” he says. “But… maybe I should ask somebody? So far I’ve been going, ‘don’t ask! If you close your eyes no one can see you.'”

He does share the hope for Suburgatory to go on for a while. “Especially in these last few episodes, I’ve been having a really good time [on set],” he says. Now, “Noah has this very clearly defined storyline going on, getting Carmen back,” and “we’ve been doing things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I have a lot of things I’ve been wanting to do for a while, so we can just keep going! Just checking those off.”

Do you watch Suburgatory? Are you shocked that Noah and Jill will apparently be ending their marriage?! Sound off in the comments!

Stay tuned for more with Alan Tudyk, who has also spoken to us about his role in the upcoming movie 42 and his thoughts on a Firefly reprisal!

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