Everything wrong with ‘Captain America: Civil War’ questions Zemo’s plan

"Sit back and enjoy the utter lack of stakes."

9:24 am EDT, September 29, 2016

There was nothing wrong with Captain America: Civil War. But let’s say CinemaSins has a few nitpicks…

It’s possibly the best superhero movie of all time, bar Captain America: Winter Soldier, The Dark Knight and Guardians of the Galaxy. Okay, it’s definitely in the top 5. Anyway, the point is, Captain America: Civil War might be considered one of the few movies that should be off-limits in terms of the humorous ‘Everything Wrong With’ videos.

But who are we kidding? Nothing is off-limits! So whether you loved it, liked it or thought it was just okay, here’s “Everything Wrong With Captain America: Civil War“:

They call out strange coincidences — like Miriam waiting for Tony by the elevator — and of course the many similarities between Civil War and Batman v Superman.

The fact that the Avengers saved a lot of innocent lives in Sokovia also makes the entire UN intervention thing a little bizarre.

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CinemaSins also points out that both Natasha Romanoff and Sharon Carter’s arcs at times seem contrived and even out of character in order to move the plot along.

At least a sin is taken off because Black Panther is a badass. Damn right.

Asking the deeper questions, the video also wonders what’s so special about Bucky (other than the fact that he’s Bucky!) if there were a bunch of other Winter Soldiers made in 1991. Why did Hawkeye pick Cap’s side? Why does Ant-Man abandon his daughter for this? Why doesn’t Steve just tell Tony that Bucky was controlled? Etc.

And for the biggest sin of all: “Now Tony gets mad, even though he knows for a fact that Bucky had no control over his actions. This conflict is as manufactured as it gets.” Especially since Zemo’s plan was so overly complicated, there’s no way it actually would have worked.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ is available on DVD and Blu-ray

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