Most Doctor Who and Torchwood fans immediately think of her iconic role as Gwen Cooper when they think of Eve Myles. It’s easy to forget that she started out in the franchise due to a role in the Doctor Who reboot in season one.

While both John Barrowman and Eve Myles are hopeful for another season of Torchwood, they are both busy doing other projects. Barrowman seems to have a never ending parade of variety shows and panto appearances. Myles on the other hand is going back to something she loves: live theatre. She sat down with SFX to discuss her role in Zach Braff’s (of Scrubs fame) new play. While they spoke, she related the story of her up-until-now untold Doctor Who audition.

How much do you recall about your very first entry into the Doctor Who universe, way back in “The Unquiet Dead”? Surely it seemed like just another job at the time?

“I wasn’t meant to do ‘The Unquiet Dead’. I don’t think anyone knows that. I was booked in for another job. I was meant to be doing theatre and my agent said, ‘They want to see you for a part for Doctor Who but it’s clashing with this job.’ And I said ‘Well, it’s Doctor Who!’ It’s like the biggest show in the world and they’re bringing it back and Chris [Eccleston] is one of my favourite actors of all time – he’s wonderful.

“So I did the audition, and it went okay, I think. My boyfriend picked me up and he said, ‘You have changed, haven’t you, since the audition? Do you know what you’re wearing?’ I looked down, and I’d auditioned for Gwyneth, this lovely, sweet girl who saves the world and speaks very lovely Welsh, wearing an, ‘I Support Nudist Colonies’ T-shirt, with two naked women making out. I just went, ‘Well, I’ve blown that.’

See the rest of this terrific interview on SFX. It’s worth the read, not the same old rehash.

If you are UK based, will you be seeing Myles on stage?

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