Even if fans weren’t 100% happy with the direction Torchwood: Miracle Day took, they are pretty unanimous in wanting another series of the show. Eve Myles gives and update on what is happening with the series, and with the Doctor Who anniversary show.

Eve Myles talked with CultBox about Torchwood and her future projects.

What’s the latest you’ve heard on the future of Torchwood?

“As far as I know at the moment, everything’s still very much on hold. Russell [T Davies] has things happening in his personal life.

“John [Barrowman] is very much on the same page as me, in that if and when they need us, they can just pick the phone up and we will be there before they’ve even put the phone down, because it’s something we love doing.

“Nothing’s going to happen in 2012, I know that much for sure. But who knows what will happen in 2013. Maybe a movie, to kinda draw a line under it.

“That’s the thing about Torchwood, every series we’ve changed our format. We’ve always had a gap in between, so fingers crossed, because we’ve got such an outstanding loyal fan base. They deserve Torchwood to go ahead with something else to draw a line under it, for the fans to have a bit of closure.

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Would you want a Torchwood movie? Do you think Eve Myles and John Barrowman should make an appearance on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary show?

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