Yesterday four of Ender’s Game’s army logos were unveiled, and today one fansite for the book-to-film adaptation is sharing a set visit tease as well as a new still!

Ender’s Game Fansite visited the New Orleans set and noted the amount of detail and care going into the project.

“We stopped and spoke first with producers. They weren’t men and women in suits, but fans just like us, who could tell you about every page of the book, everything that should remain, and each one exhibited a passion for the movie unlike any producer I have ever met,” the fan site writes.

“They talked to us about the importance of staying true to the book, showed us pictures, told us their ideas. They entrusted parts of their vision to us, so that we could know that what they were doing was staying faithful to Ender.

We were able to walk around and see sets that blew you away. There was no detail too big or too small that they were not adamant about getting right.”

Read more in their set visit tease right here. The new photo, also thanks to them, can be seen below. We get our first look at Hailee Steinfeld as Petra and a second look at Asa Butterfield as Ender:

Ender's Game movie still

(Click for full size!)

The very first photo, which depicted Butterfield (Ender) and Harrison Ford (Colonel Hyrum Graff) was unveiled in December. The following month, we learned that the film’s timeline will be shortened for continuity purposes.

Ender’s Game hits theaters this November.

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