10:30 pm EDT, September 30, 2015

‘Empire’ 2×02 recap: Lyon Dynasty

Empire season 2, episode 2, “Without a Country,” just aired! Find out what joint Lucious dropped from the joint.

‘Meet me at ghetto ass studio’

Cookie, Andre, Hakeem and Anika are out of Empire and on to start their own…empire(?). So far the names thrown around are Lyon’s Den and Pride of the Lyon, but Cookie’s not feeling either of them. Hakeem wants to do more than rap and insists on starting a girl group and holds open auditions. A few non-contenders audition and then comes Valentina (Becky G), the spicy Latina. Once she finds out she’s trying out for a girl group she leaves and says she’ll shine regardless.

‘Get No Better 2.0’

Episode 202,  Without A Country

Hakeem later interrupts Tiana’s rehearsal for her new song “Get No Better 2.0.” He wants to discuss her joining his girl group. Obviously Tiana isn’t interested and Cookie saves her from further discussions.

Once Cookie finds her own spot they find the perfect name for their new company: Lyon Dynasty. Hakeem tells Jamal he won’t come back to Empire and he just leaked his album online.

‘Born to Love You’

Episode 202,  Without A Country

Jamal is doing an interview and gives us a beautiful sneak peak of “Born to Love You.” Cookie barges in and takes Jamal out back to convince him to give Hakeem his music back because that’s “all he has.” Then, as she leaves, she drops the bomb that they’re starting their own company.

Jail talk

As Lucious sees the doctor for his weekly dose of meds for Myasthenia Gravis, he’s told that his authorization form is no longer in his file, so until it is found, he can’t get his meds. Later that day Lucious loses his breath, as he was spittin’ some serious rhymes outside with the boys. Officer McKnight (Ludacris) then spoils the occasion and breaks up the session because it’s “his” house. In the halls, Luda Officer McKnight tells Lucious that if he cooperates a bit more, his medicine might magically appear.


Jamal meets with Lucious to discuss Empire. Lucious tells him he wants to drop a joint from the joint. Thirsty Rawlings, a lawyer sitting at the next table, overhears their conversation and says he wants to represent Lucious; he graduated from the University of Guam. Jamal isn’t keen on the idea, but Lucious is impressed and wants to set up a meeting.

At Lucious’ next doctor visit a guard gives him his meds — thanks to his attorney Thirsty. He also shows Lucious to a large closet where all his boys are waiting for him with recording material, once again, courtesy of Thirsty. Unfortunately, Officer McKnight breaks up another session, but luckily they just completed recording “Snitch Bitch.”

At the bail hearing, Thirsty presents evidence to the judge. They are photos of the judge in bondage gear. Blackmail seems to be Thirsty’s specialty, but he succeeds in getting Lucious out on bail. Thirsty then has Officer McKnight beat up in the parking lot in order to retrieve the recording.

‘Snitch Bitch’

As fast as you can say “snitch bitch,” the song is already on airwaves, much to Cookie and Hakeem’s dismay. Lyon Dynasty has a serious empire to overpower…

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