3:30 pm EDT, July 16, 2015

10 cult shows that somehow never received an outstanding series Emmy nomination

We all think our favorite show is the best thing on television, but seriously, how were these shows never nominated for an outstanding series Emmy?

It’s all excitement this morning as the world celebrates Tatiana Maslany finally getting her long-deserved Emmy nomination for Orphan Black. But while Maslany gets her due, there are many shows that never received the acclaim they deserved.

None of these 10 shows ever picked up that illustrious Outstanding Comedy or Outstanding Drama nomination. If you have another fandom favorite show that somehow missed out on their Emmy recognition, let us know in the comments.

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To make ourselves feel a little better, we’ve listed the Emmy nominations and wins they did pick up — if there were any. We know that these kinds of cult shows often miss out on the love they deserve, especially at awards shows — but that doesn’t help the outrage we feel when they are overlooked again, and again.

If you look at their nominations, you’ll notice that while they might pick up a nomination for effects or makeup, nominations and awards for writing and directing and few and far between — and those for acting are almost nonexistent.

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Genre shows in particular are often the losers at the Emmys (and by that we mean, they rarely even get to attend because they’re hardly ever nominated in the first place). Meanwhile, the same series are nominated year after year, which blocks out newcomers and bores everyone watching along at home.

Of course, there is still hope for a couple of shows on our list. Orphan Black is going strong, having been renewed for season 4 earlier in the year. Meanwhile, unfortunately for fannibals, Hannibal was not eligible for any Emmy nominations this year because the season 3 premiere aired after the May cutoff date, and while we can hope for 2016, their track record indicates that a nomination is unlikely. The future of Community is also unclear, but we won’t be holding out breath for it to earn a much-deserved nod from the Emmys even if it does return.

Which of these Emmy snubs is the most unbelievable to you?

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