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10 cult shows that never received an outstanding series Emmy nomination

We all think our favorite show is the best thing on television, but seriously, how were these shows never nominated for an outstanding series Emmy?

None of these 10 shows ever picked up that illustrious Outstanding Comedy or Outstanding Drama nomination, but to make ourselves feel a little better, we’ve listed the Emmy nominations and wins they did pick up — if there were any.

We know these kinds of cult shows often miss out on the love they deserve, especially at awards shows — but that doesn’t help the outrage we feel when they are overlooked again and again. While they might pick up a nomination for effects or makeup, nominations and awards for writing and directing are few and far between — and those for acting are almost nonexistent.

Genre shows in particular are often the losers at the Emmys (and by that we mean they rarely even get to attend because they’re hardly ever nominated in the first place). Meanwhile, the same series are nominated year after year, which blocks out newcomers and bores everyone watching along at home.

If you have another fandom favorite show that somehow missed out on their Emmy recognition, let us know in the comments.

Cult shows that never received an outstanding series Emmy nomination

‘Battlestar Galactica’ (2004-2009)

If you love sci-fi, chances are Battlestar either kickstarted your passion or simply fueled it. That iconic red dress is just the beginning of what this series has to offer, and it’s definitely one that many television aficionados recommend in the highest esteem.

  • 4 Emmy wins (Special Visual Effects, Special Class, Sound Editing)
  • 17 Emmy nominations (Special Visual Effects, Costumes, Sound Mixing, Directing, Writing, Cinematography, Picture Editing)

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ (1997-2003)

What more can you say other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer? This series paved the way for many of our favorite current television shows and inspired an entire generation. It truly is a shame it never won an outstanding series Emmy. Listen to Hypable’s ReWatchable podcast discuss Buffy in its entirety.

  • 2 Emmy wins (Makeup, Music Composition)
  • 8 Emmy nominations (Hairstyling, Cinematography, Writing, Music Direction, Special Visual Effects)

‘Community’ (2009-2015)

If you’ve heard the phrase six seasons and a movie, then you’ve already had a run-in with Community. This comedy boasts the talents of Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Ken Jeong, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Donald Glover, just to name a few.

  • 1 Emmy win (Animation)
  • 3 Emmy nominations (Stunt Coordination, Writing)

‘Firefly’ (2002)

Another classic sci-fi show, and one that got the chop way too soon. Firefly is on about a million lists from best cult television shows to series that need to be revived, and now we’re adding it to our list, too. You can also listen to ReWatchable discuss this one.

  • 1 Emmy win (Special Visual Effects)

‘Freaks and Geeks’ (1999-2000)

This show helped kickstart so many careers. If nothing else, it’s interesting to see how young all these actors are, especially James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel. You’re probably starting to see a theme here, but this is another one that ReWatchable podcast has discussed in-depth.

  • 1 Emmy win (Casting)
  • 2 Emmy nominations (Writing)

‘Gilmore Girls’ (2000-2007)

There are a lot of genre shows on this list, so this one is definitely a standout. Rory and Lorelei’s relationship is one for the ages, and a Gilmore Girls reboot proved that it’s still near and dear to many hearts.

  • 1 Emmy win (Makeup)

‘Hannibal’ (2013-2015)

Who doesn’t want a side of cannibalism with their favorite television series? Hannibal was a delectable journey from start to finish, highlighting so much of what’s entrancing about this character. The fandom was small, but it was mighty — the very definition of cult.

  • 1 Emmy nominations (Special Visual Effects)

‘Orphan Black’ (2013-2017)

When your main actress is portraying several of the main characters in your TV show, you kind of expect her to get an Emmy nomination for best lead. It took a couple years, but Tatiana Maslany finally got the recognition she deserved. Too bad the series didn’t get an overall nomination, too.

  • 1 Emmy win (Lead Actress)
  • 2 Emmy nominations (Lead Actress)

‘Pushing Daisies’ (2007-2009)

Weirdly enough, the two shows related the most on this list are Pushing Daisies and Hannibal. Bryan Fuller has a thing for death and food. Luckily, he brings it to our screens in such beautiful ways that we don’t really mind.

  • 7 Emmy wins (Directing, Supporting Actress, Music Composition, Picture Editing, Art Direction, Costumes, Makeup)
  • 10 Emmy nominations (Writing, Actor, Supporting Actress, Art Direction, Casting, Costumes, Hairstyling, Makeup)

‘Veronica Mars’ (2004-2007)

Above all others, this series has had the most interesting life on screen. It was cancelled after three seasons, then brought back in the form of a movie, and then made into a television series once again. The Veronica Mars revival sounds promising, and hopefully it’ll be recognized by the Emmys during its second run. (And yes, you can listen to ReWatchable discuss this one, too.)

  • No Emmy wins or nominations

Which of these Emmy snubs is the most unbelievable?

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