11:45 am EDT, February 15, 2013

21 tweets that prove Emma Watson is one of the best celebrities on Twitter

There’s nothing like a celebrity who uses Twitter like one of us. Emma Watson, who has always kept herself out of the public spotlight, has no problem with saying whatever she wants on Twitter.

We’ve browsed through her account and found some of her greatest tweets.

On Twitter, Emma Watson will…

Laugh at rumors she’s starring in ‘Fifty Shades’

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Share Harry Potter gifs

Offer Football knowledge

Talk to Harry Styles of One Direction

She begs Harry Styles to see all of Perks.

Then finally gets her wish, four months later.

She also…

Gets mistaken for a child (we’ve reported on this before)

Helps educate under privileged children:

Falls for American news anchors

Tells her fans on Twitter they look beautiful

A fan, who’s account is now deleted, said on Twitter “I cry myself to sleep because I don’t look like @emwatson”

Watson then replied to her tweet:

Opens jars, like regular human beings

Shouts to Harry Potter fans

Recites Forest Gump lines

Warns Logan Lerman about everyday dangers

Recommends cat cuddling as a cure for celebrities with fevers

Makes Friday food recommendations

Offers advice on letting people know you’re joking online

Admits an addiction to laundry

Makes song recommendations

Opens up with true stories

Gets proud of her mother for standing up to the parparazzi

Becomes one of us…

Dan Radcliffe would probably never do that!

Emma, thanks for being such a great person to follow on Twitter!

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