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‘Elseworlds’ didn’t need Supergirl, nor did any other ‘Arrow’-verse crossover

None of the 'Arrow'-verse annual crossovers have necessarily needed Supergirl

We’ve now seen three of the annual Arrow-verse crossovers include Supergirl, but has she really been necessary in these episodes? Despite the special significance of bringing in the third lead hero, she’s disposable.

I love Kara Danvers, let’s just make sure that’s clear. Supergirl is one of the best heroes in the Arrow-verse and DC universe in general, in my opinion. However, her appearance on the last three crossovers (Invasion, Crisis on Earth-X, and Elseworlds) has been, well, unnecessary.

Despite the crossovers basically just being Oliver Queen’s shining moments, the stories always revolve around him and/or Barry. Kara doesn’t fit into the trio because they never allow her to.

Elseworlds / Supergirl

The writers wrote themselves into a corner by putting Supergirl on another Earth. Bringing her in as the third point of the superhero trifecta doesn’t work because she’s coming to an unfamiliar Earth.

When the stories are so focused on Earth-1, what role can Supergirl really play to save an Earth she doesn’t reside on? She’s just the muscle to help Barry and Oliver when the threats are more than they can handle, honestly.

Even during Elseworlds, Superman played a bigger part in the story than Kara. Kara wasn’t even able to handle opening the deadly book that Deegan used; instead, Superman had to come in and save the day.

Meanwhile, while Barry and Oliver dealt with foes like Deegan and The Monitor, Supergirl was pushed off to the side and even locked up for a few heartfelt chats with an alternate Alex Danvers, which wasn’t even necessary.

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It’s tiresome to see Kara continuously overshadowed by Barry and Oliver in these crossovers like she isn’t as good of a hero as they are. With her abilities, Kara is unmatched on Earth-1, which has no aliens present to speak of.

While her role in Crisis on Infinite Earths, the 2019 Arrow-verse crossover that has already been teased, may be a much better fit considering it threatens her world as well, the need for Supergirl to join these other crossovers is basically non-existent.

Elseworlds / Supergirl

There are plenty of other heroes on Earth-1 that are never used when a crisis hits, and at this point, it just feels like Supergirl is brought in to add another hour to the crossover because the episodes have little relevance to anything Supergirl at all.

Like Ms. Grant always said, “Every woman worth her salt knows that we have to work twice as hard as a man to be thought of as half as good.” The crossovers show that, no matter what, Kara will always be the third wheel to Oliver and Barry’s crime-fighting duo.

This is solely the fault of the writers; Kara has a good enough relationship with Barry and Oliver to be part of this group, even if she’s the newest addition.

We’ve seen the dynamic of Oliver and Barry coming together to save the world many times by now, yet the writers, particularly the former Arrow co-showrunner and current executive producer Marc Guggenheim, think we’re still interested in solely this relationship flourishing.

Insert Kara into the triad of superheroes as a key player in these crossover events. The fate of the world should not lie on solely Barry and Oliver’s shoulders, especially when the latter hasn’t really had to save the world and Kara has multiple times.

It’s quite a shame that Kara isn’t used to her full potential in the big crossovers when her small crossovers with The Flash are, honestly, the best ones.

Supergirl season 1, episode 18, “World’s Finest,” remains one of the best crossover episodes because it marked a unique appearance by Barry Allen to National City.

Instead of having his own separate story, Barry fit into the Supergirl mold and teamed up with Kara to stop a rising situation that threatened her city. He was just there to help, have fun, and get home.

Elseworlds / Supergirl

Kara and Barry’s relationship is so unique because even though they’re plagued by the weight of the world on their shoulders, they know how to have fun. Their dynamic is light, yet fulfilling, and the offer each other a relationship that no one else is able to give them.

Nobody quite understands Barry quite like Kara does (in different ways than other characters are able to) and vice versa.

So, enough with Kara being the third wheel to Oliver and Barry, especially during these huge crossover events.

Supergirl is arguably the most powerful hero on their side (and she could easily take out Cicada on The Flash, let’s be real).

Additionally, Oliver shouldn’t be the starring character of every crossover when he’s, frankly, the least interesting one of the three.

There’s so much Supergirl has to offer to these annual events, both Kara and her supporting ensemble, yet we have not seen a crossover worthy of bringing in Kara Danvers.

After Crisis on Infinite Earths takes place and the multi-verse is safe (which will probably merge Earth-1 and Earth-38, if the writers are smart), perhaps it’s time for Barry, Oliver, and co. to solve their own messes.

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