Scarlet Witch has quickly become an integral member of The Avengers, as seen in Captain America: Civil War, but could it be time for her own solo film?

Marvel fans have heavily been pushing for more female representation in their films and have made it clear that they want to see a Black Widow movie. While nothing is set in stone yet, Marvel head Kevin Feige recently stated that they are “creatively and emotionally committed” to making a Black Widow movie. If they’re open to making a Black Widow movie, might we also suggest one for Scarlet Witch as well?

Speaking on the subject with Huffington Post, Elizabeth Olsen said, “It’s not something I’m opposed to, but it’s also something that has to make a lot of sense. I wouldn’t just do it just to do it. It’d have to make sense for how it advances in the world. But I’d be open to talking about it. I’d never say no to just an idea.”

It seems like there’s still so much we don’t know about Scarlet Witch, as she’s relatively new to the Marvel cinematic universe. With her character still in training, dealing with the loneliness of having no family, and now a fugitive, her storyline seems to have endless opportunities.

On where her character is after Captain America: Civil War, Olsen agreed that, “The options for Wanda afterward are pretty limitless.” The next move is yours, Marvel.

Would you like to see Elizabeth Olsen in a Scarlet Witch movie?

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