4:05 pm EDT, July 11, 2019

Elizabeth Banks and Warner Bros. are rebooting ‘The Flintstones’

Your favorite (and perhaps only) Stone-Age family is coming back to small screen with a Flinstones reboot.

The Flintstones may be set during a highly-sanitized and romanticized version of the Stone-Age, but they’ve been a large part of modern American pop culture for nearly 60 years.

The animated family sitcom achieved true pop icon status as a show that actually did have six seasons and a movie (actually two movies, a handful of TV specials, two short-lived attempts at updates that no one needs to remember and children’s vitamins).

For 150 episodes, The Flinstones followed the various adventures and shenanigans of the titular Flinstone family — the prototypical TV dad and father, Fred, the long-suffering but loving wife Wilma, their baby daughter Pebbles and the pet dinosaur who must’ve been named by Pebbles, Dino.

Like all great family sitcoms, the show also brought in The Flinstones’ neighbors, The Rubbles, comprised of Fred’s even dopier best friend Barney, Wilma’s best friend Betty, and their son, the club-wielding Bamm-Bamm.

While Seth MacFarlane pitched a reboot of the series for Fox in 2011, it eventually fizzled out — only to be picked up by Warner Bros. and Elizabeth Banks’ production company, Brownstone Productions.

The upcoming reboot will be slightly different from its early animated predecessor, which was targeted toward children, instead being billed as “a primetime animated adult comedy series based on an original idea featuring characters from The Flinstones.”

The Flinstones reboot is still slated as being in early development, and there’s been no network currently attached to the project, though with the recent announcement of WarnerMedia’s HBO Max, that seems like a good contender for the updated, adult comedy series.

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