Sweet/Vicious star Eliza Bennett talks about some of the biggest moments in season 1 and what she’d love to see if MTV renews the show.

We spoke with Eliza before Sweet/Vicious aired on MTV, but now we’re catching up with her after the show’s freshman run has concluded. Here’s what she had to say.

Interview with Eliza Bennet, star of ‘Sweet/Vicious’

How are you feeling now that the entirety of season 1 is out there in the world?

I can’t believe how quickly time has gone! It feels crazy that people can now watch the show in its entirety and binge the whole thing. I feel immensely proud of the show, and it feels wonderful being able to talk to fans of the show and hear what they think and what they want for season 2 if we are lucky enough to get one!

What kind of reactions have you gotten from fans so far?

They are definitely big fans of Jules and Ophelia’s friendship, and I can relate. They’re the best. They set friendship goals pretty high. And we have had an overwhelmingly positively response from survivors; that has truly been the best part. It’s incredible to be a part of such a huge community of men and women fighting for this cause.

How worried should we be that Tyler may find out what Jules and Ophelia did to Carter?

I’m worried! I think that’s a question for our Creator, Jenn. I’m as much in the dark as you guys are. It’s so heartbreaking because if you take Carter out of the equation, they have such a beautiful relationship. Tyler has shown Jules what love and kindness is meant to look like. He helps her regain control over her sexuality again and shows how sexy consent is. So the fact that Jules did help cover up his step-brother’s murder is a MASSIVE bummer.

Does Jules feel any guilt about Carter now that they’ve pinned his murder on someone else?

I think her guilt is definitely wrapped up in the pain that she has caused Tyler and the fact she can never tell him. But the guy they pinned his murder on is a pedophile and a serial killer, so I don’t think Jules is losing any sleep over that one.

Now that Jules has reported her assault, do you think she’ll have an easier time controlling her anger, or do you think the school’s dismissal of the chargers will mean she’ll continue with her struggle?

Jules went on a massive journey in season 1. A lot of the anger that she was dealing with, especially in episode 8, is an explosion of suppressed emotions and trauma that Jules hadn’t been dealing with. By the time the school dismissed the charges, there has been so much healing just by being able to tell her truth and being supported by the men and women around her, like Tyler, Ophelia and Kennedy. Of course, there is anger that her university continues to bury its head in the ground, but I think now her story is out, she just channels this into fighting harder and more passionately for other victims.

Does Miles’ assistance in bringing down Nate make up for him standing by all this time, or should he still be held accountable for his inaction?

I love Miles, and I’m so proud we tell a story like his because I think he represents a lot of people in these situations. Miles is a good guy, and before he found out the truth, he had no idea that Nate raped Jules that night. If he did, he would have come forward earlier. But it also took him a while to see the truth, and that’s why Miles’ story is so important because it shows people that it’s never to late to come forward.

Do you think Jules and Kennedy’s relationship will ever be the same?

Yes, absolutely! If anything I think it can be even stronger than it was before. They have both been a part of something incredibly traumatic, but I think in episodes 9 and 10, we are able to see how they empower one another to start to grow and heal. The power of female friendship is a huge and powerful current in Sweet/Vicious and Kennedy and Jules have it in bucket loads.

How will Harris’ inclusion in the group change the dynamic of the ‘Sweet/Vicious’ team?

I’m excited to see the new dynamic. One of my favorite scenes is when Harris and Ophelia argue over whether he is Bosley or Charlie. I’m also excited to have more scenes with Harris. I think it will be cool to see the girls have a guy on the inside and I also think that Harris’ incredibly strong moral compass will be a good influence on the girls.

Jules’ father was mentioned throughout season 1, but we never met him, so fans are hoping to see him in season 2. Can you give us any further insight into that relationship?

Sadly, I don’t really know anything, but I hope we will meet Jules’ father in season 2! The audience already knows that Jules’ father is a police officer, and I can also add that Jules is an only child, and after her mother died, her father became very protective. However, he doesn’t know about Jules’ assault yet, so maybe that will be something we explore in season 2.

What’s one character you hope to interact more with in season 2?

I said earlier that I would like more scenes with Harris, and I think that’s definitely to come. I would also love Jules to have some more scenes with Miles. I feel like they never spoke face to face after everything happened and that a conversation might be good for both of them. Also, I love Ethan, who plays Miles, so selfishly I’d love to work more with him.

In your opinion, why should MTV renew ‘Sweet/Vicious’ for a second season?

We have so many more stories to tell. The response from survivors has been so powerful, and I just want to be able to tell them that not only was your story worth telling, but we want to tell more. I know I’m biased, but this show is special and it is doing something so much greater than just being entertaining television. And then on a personal level, I’m working with some of my best friends on this show and I don’t want that to stop.

What stories would you most like to see play out if there is a season 2? Which issues would you specifically like to see Jules deal with?

Having spoken with Jenn, I know we want to tell more LGBTQ stories, as its definitely something our fans have asked for and there are stories that need to be told. Also, with the Sweet/Vicious website up and running, I think Jules and Ophelia want to start dealing with other injustices on campus too — we touched on that in episode 4 with taking down the sorority — but I think there’s more to explore there. I’m also excited to see the Sweet/Vicious squad become more slick and maybe get a costume upgrade? That would be awesome.

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