8:55 am EDT, September 19, 2019

‘Elena of Avalor’ introducing a Jewish Disney Princess

The cartoon Elena of Avalor is officially introducing a Jewish Disney Princess in a forthcoming Hanukkah-themed episode.

Get excited, because we are getting our first Disney Princess who is openly Jewish! The Disney series Elena of Avalor will be introducing a princess from a Latino Jewish community in a Hanukkah-themed episode.

Sopranos actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who is also a Jewish woman, is set to play the role, as she announced on her Twitter profile.

While Sigler didn’t produce any additional details about the episode, she did respond to a fan, assuaging her concerns that the episode would really be about Christmas, but feature a tertiary Jewish character in the background.

So we can judge by Sigler’s response that this will be a proper Hanukkah episode. And pairing it with a canonical Latina-Jewish Disney Princess is incredibly exciting.

After all, this is a pretty big deal in the world of Jewish representation. While Sigler’s assertion that she is the first Jewish Disney Princess is up for debate (according to Sarah Silverman, Vanellope von Schweetz is Jewish, though that has never been explored onscreen), this is certainly the first onscreen representation of a Jewish Disney Princess. And to have her be voiced by a Jewish actress is even more exciting.

We’ll have to see what exactly awaits us in the Elena of Avalor episode, but it isn’t surprising to see new Disney Princess representation come from this show. Elena herself is the first Latina Disney Princess, and she’s a pretty badass one at that.

For those unfamiliar with Elena of Avalor, the series follows Princess Elena Castillo Flores, who is a 16 year-old Princess. All while navigating the ever-tumultuous landscape of her teenage years, Elena also managed to save the entire kingdom of Avalor from an evil sorceress, all while learning how to be a fair and just ruler over Avalor.

We’re so excited to see Jamie-Lynn Sigler voicing the first onscreen Jewish Disney Princess, and we can’t wait to see what adventures her character and the amazing Princess Elena embark on together!

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