After months of controversial characters and passive aggressive feuds with the cast and crew of Sherlock, Elementary, the modern-day adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective stories just finished airing – and we want your thoughts!

Over a year ago, CBS announced it was to produce a television series about Sherlock Holmes. Months later, Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu were cast as the super sleuth and his assistant Dr. Joan Watson respectively. While the gender bending of one of literature’s most beloved characters certainly got purists riled up, it was the news that the adaptation would be set in a modern day New York City that angered fans most – as this was seen as rip-off of the critically acclaimed Sherlock, itself set in a contemporary city. The makers of the show weren’t best pleased either, with Executive Producer Sue Vertue even threatening the broadcaster with legal action should too many similarities arise.

As the months have gone on, the backlash subdued and eventually mellowed to indifference and (in some cases) curiosity. Tonight, the speculation and trepidation finally came to an end – as we watched recovering drug addict Sherlock Holmes meet sober companion (and disgraced surgeon) Joan Watson and take her on an adventure of mystery and crime through the mean streets of New York City. Now the episode has finished airing, we want to hear your thoughts!

How did Elementary fare? Does it hold its own, or does it pale in comparison to Sherlock? Should they stop being held up to one another now that we’ve seen what Elementary can do? What do you think of Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in the lead roles? Share all of your thoughts – the highs, the lows and the downright absurd in the comments below and join the debate!

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