Super fun Halloween costume ideas perfect for 2015

It's just not Halloween unless you have a clever, pop culture-inspired costume.

10:30 am EST, October 15, 2015

Left Shark

Left Shark costume

It’s hard to believe that Katy Perry’s Left Shark was a 2015 phenomenon. It seems like it happened so long ago! Nevertheless, Left Shark is a great Halloween costume idea because, once you start dancing, there won’t be a soul around you who won’t know who you’re trying to be. Now, for Left Shark, you could go one of two ways with your costume. You can buy an actual shark costume (some places are even selling a Left Shark costume) or you can make your own. It can be a legitimate copycat of the back-up dancer’s costume or you can go the cheap route and jazz up a hoodie. It’s up to you! Just make sure to shake your groove thang!

‘Jurassic World’ Raptor Squad

Jurassic World raptor squad Owen costume

You don’t need a squad in order to portray the ultimate squad goal for Halloween. You just need some dinosaur wrangler-looking clothing (the vest and button-down shirt are a must) and some toy raptors by your side. Just strike the raptor squad pose every once in a while to remind people of how awesome you are.

Bonus costume: Want to be Claire instead of Owen for Halloween? Do it! While parts of her character portrayal are problematic, she’s a kick-ass lady at her core who saves people while running around in practical heels. All you need to do to be Claire is put on a white skirt and purple tank top (just skip the awkwardness of the “I’m ready for an adventure” tied-up jacket), make your hair wavy, and rub some dirt on your face and clothes. Top it off with some heels (and perhaps a road flare) and you’re good to go!

Donut-licking Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande donut costume

Remember when everyone was all up in arms about Ariana Grande licking a donut? (Okay, so maybe there was a little more to that incident, but we were mostly shocked by her donut behavior.) Bet you never thought that that would make for a good Halloween costume idea! But, with a hoodie, a top-knot hairdo, and a donut (or a dozen), you can be one of pop culture’s biggest 2015 moments for Halloween! The perk of being a donut-licking Ariana Grande for Halloween is that you have an excuse to lick (and eat) as many donuts as you want! Feel like the one you’re carrying is getting stale? Finish it off and pull out another!

‘Inside Out’

Inside Out characters costumes

Some of the most recognizable characters from 2015 are, hands down, the emotions from Inside Out. So, obviously, the Inside Out characters make for some of the best Halloween costume ideas! The great news about dressing up as one of Riley’s emotions is that they have relatively simple costumes. You could probably make a trip to Goodwill or a thrift store and pick up pretty much everything you need. The only difficult part will be (if you choose to go through with it) applying all of the makeup! Luckily for you, The Rotoscopers (our animation addict friends) have a few Inside Out character makeup tutorials up on YouTube!

Dead Jon Snow

Dead Jon Snow costume

He’s dead. Or is he? Honestly, it’s totally unclear. However, his death was a shocker on this past season of Game of Thrones and some people aren’t over it yet. That means that dressing up as Dead Jon Snow for Halloween is a great idea! You’ll tug on some feels and people will know who you are right away. Just grab a lusciously curly wig and your Jon Snow-iest clothing, use some makeup to add some scratches and blood to your face, and find a way to make it look like you’re mortally wounded and you’re good to go.

Cookie from ‘Empire’

Cookie Empire costume

There is nothing subtle about Empire‘s Cookie, which makes her ideal for imitation. Dress up as Cookie this Halloween and pretty much everyone will know who you are! You don’t even need to go on a huge shopping spree to step into her shoes (that is, unless you want to be totally authentic). An all-over floral print dress, some fake fur (the more colorful, the better), and some major bling ought to do it. Top it all off with a glamorous shade of lipstick and some killer heels and you’re bound to rule All Hallow’s Eve.


The Dress costume

So, is it black and blue or gold and white? You’ll be able to answer that conundrum if you dress up as #TheDress for Halloween! You’ll most likely be able to find the dress for sale online somewhere, being that it was so incredibly popular (and that, when all’s said and done, it’s a very pretty dress). Can’t find it? It wouldn’t be that hard to recreate. Just find a blue (or white) dress and some black (or gold) lace and get crafty! If all else fails, there’s an online shop that sells a “What is the Color?” dress costume that’s both blue/black and white/gold. How nifty!

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