I was just thinking to myself- why is it that dystopian novels are the center focus for, well, almost everyone right now?

Noticing the news, books, and movies coming up, one central topic stands out above all else: futuristic plots. But, as I began reading some of the most popular dystopian novels, I came to the realization that the central idea for almost ALL of them is about the future being a disaster full of destruction, hate, death, and survival.

For example:

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Divergent by Veronica Roth
Legend by Marie Lu
….and many, many more…

The three examples above are probably some of the most popular teen novels at the moment. Every single one of the examples follows this criteria.

1. Bad-ass chick (yep, she makes tough choices that change everthing)
2. Dysfunctional government (usually trying to over-control the population. Nosy bastards)
3. Survival (nothing is about enjoying your day-to-day life, its all got to do with people trying to kill you)
4. Death (people close to the bad-ass chick always die, it’s the way of life, and by that I mean popular dystopian novel’s way of life)
5. Rebel forces (there is always that one group no one likes; in these novels it’s the rebel forces)
6. Oh yea, how could I forget the detail that attracts teen readers…Love. (whether it’s slow coming, or straight away it is always a major part of these examples)

I am not saying I don’t like these novels, heck, I LOVE them, but nonetheless I can’t help but notice the similarities and ask myself why are they the central focus these days?

Is it because humans like to think that the way we are heading is just a path to destruction?

Or simply we like to read these novels and watch these movies because it is something so unlike our daily lives, and it is a good, action-packed, escape from the “normal” we encounter?

One thing is for certain, in my opinion: The similarities must be some sort of “formula” for a great dystopian novel. And honestly, the thing that pulls me toward these books is the bad-ass chick willing to risk it all for what they believe in and/or love. It’s great to read about a young woman/teen who is living a life of fear, full of hate, and destruction who is still willing to stand up for what she believes in. Wouldn’t you like to think that if that was your situation you would be willing to do the same?

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