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Refresh yourself on ‘The Dragon Prince’ before the season 2 premiere

With just about two weeks left until The Dragon Prince season 2, we’ve put together a quick refresher on where we left the characters before we return to Xadia.

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to squeeze in a rewatch of a show before its newest season premieres, especially when there are so many current shows still airing on the packed TV schedule.

So, if you need a quick reminder of where things left off in The Dragon Prince, we’ve got you covered with our season 1 refresher.

‘The Dragon Prince’ season 1 refresher

The King is dead

King Harrow, who was immediately beloved by The Dragon Prince fans, met his end at the hands of Moonshadow elf assassins in the third episode. (Or did he?)

The truth of Harrow’s death has yet to be revealed to his sons, Callum and Ezran, though Rayla is aware and is keeping the fate of their father a secret. With trust still fragile between the trio — they did cross paths, after all, because Rayla was tasked with killing Ezran — the concealing of Harrow’s death might prove to be unforgivable.

With several forces converging upon the princes and their Moonshadow elf companion — Claudia and Soren are hot on their heels, as is Corvus — it is unlikely that the truth will remain concealed for much longer.

Viren’s face is all… funky

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As The Dragon Prince‘s first season unfolded, Viren pushed the limits of his Dark Magic abilities as far as they could go. At the mid-way point, we were privy to his daily ritual of sacrificing a butterfly’s lifeforce in order to restore his appearance, after taxing himself a little too much.

However, at the close of the first season, Viren’s true face revealed itself, after he used his magic to trap Runaan — one of the Moonshadow elves that assassinated King Harrow — inside a coin. It’s entirely possible that the cosmetic effects of Viren’s magic are reversible — he had a lot of butterflies on hand — but there was at least one witness to his ugly truth: Gren.

The Primal Stone is gone

Before Callum left Katolis with Ezran and Rayla, he managed to swipe a Primal Stone from Claudia, which enabled him to perform magic. This proved useful on several occasions, though Callum’s spellcasting was limited to some lightning and wind, due to having little to no experience.

But, as the dragon prince was about to die, and the only way to hatch the egg being in the eye of a storm, Callum sacrificed the stone, releasing the storm captured inside. With that sacrifice, he also — presumably — gave up his ability to do magic moving forward, which could leave Callum questioning his place in the group once again.

The dragon prince is no longer an egg!

Oh, yeah. On that note, the dragon prince is no longer an egg. In the season 1 finale, after Callum unleashed the storm from the Primal Stone, the dragon hatched.

That could either make the journey back to the queen of the dragons easier, or much, much more difficult, depending on how much care and attention the newborn dragon — Zym — needs.

Also, Zym has absolutely imprinted on Ezran. That could complicate things down the road, should the trio make it all the way back to the queen of the dragons. What if Zym doesn’t want to leave Ezran’s side?

Claudia and Soren have ‘secret’ missions

On the surface, Claudia and Soren’s mission to track down and return the missing princes to Katolis is as simple as that. However, their father, Viren, gave each of them their own secret missions.

For Soren, Viren tasked him with ending the lives of the princes — thus, enabling Viren to take complete control of Katolis and press on with the war against the dragons. And Claudia? Well, if it comes down to returning with the egg, or saving Soren, Viren was clear: the egg takes priority above everything and everyone.

With the guilt of these secret missions hanging above the siblings’ heads, it could all come to a point in season 2, should they catch up with Callum and Ezran before they continue on in their journey. And, with the princes, Claudia, and Soren being so close through their childhood, it remains to be seen whether or not they’ll be able to see those missions through.

Something is UP with that mirror

All through The Dragon Prince season 1, Viren was obsessed with a mirror he had taken from the lair of the dragon king. Neither he, nor Claudia, managed to unlock its secrets. However, Runaan — under duress — told Viren that he had no idea what he had in his possession, suggesting that whatever the mirror is, it holds hidden dangers.

During the end credits, the mirror also featured, bearing the hand of an elf pressing on it from the inside. Whether the mirror is a portal to other parts of Xadia, or a prison for something far more sinister than Viren and his ambitions, there is definitely something more to that mirror.

‘The Dragon Prince’ season 2 premieres on Netflix, February 15

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