Dracula made his debut last night on NBC! Get all the bloody/sexy details from Dracula season 1, episode 1 “The Blood Is The Life” with our recap.

Here are the highlights from Dracula season 1, episode 1 “The Blood Is The Life”:

  • Two men break into an underground tomb where Dracula’s body is being kept. While one assumed they’re there to get gold. The other is actually there to wake Dracula up and stabs the other man to feed the hungry vampire back to life.
  • London 1896: Alan (a.k.a Dracula) and Renfield prepare for the big event that will introduce him to English society.
  • Mina, Jonathan, and Lucy arrive at the Alan’s party and marvel at the grandeur. Mina and Jonathan wonder what the purpose of the party really is with such a varying group of people. It seems most of the people there are curious to meet the american entrepreneur.
  • Alan makes his entrance and is instantly entranced by Mina who causes him to have flashbacks. He tells Renfield he wants to know everything about her.
  • Lady Jane makes sure to introduce herself to Alan but they only have a brief conversation.
  • Jonathan gives Alan advice on how to conduct business with the English and Alan gets to meet Mina formally. Renfield informs Alan that Jonathan is an ambitious journalist while Mina is a medical student.
  • Handing out lightbulbs to each member of the party – Alan makes a big show at introducing electricity to society.
  • Too bad the plant has an accident and they have to shut everything down. The guests are clearly disappointed. But they cheer for the demonstration all the same.
  • It looks like Alan is already making enemies who are threatened by his desire to introduce electricity to England.
  • Alan and Renfield start their work at trying to figure out who’s the leader of The Order of The Dragon. He tells Renfield of their wrong doing and how he intends to bring them down by introduces electricity and sending them into bankruptcy.
  • Some creep cuts the head off a dead body and deliveries to Lady Jane. Apparently they’re checking to see if it was killed by a vampire. And talk about how they covered up the last vampire by making up the story about Jack the Ripper.
  • Jonathan arrives at Alan’s place to conduct an interview. With daylight shining through the window, Alan has to be careful not to get burned without Jonathan noticing he’s avoiding the sub.
  • At first Jonathan is impressed by what Alan has to say about moving England forward. But then seems to decide that he’s actually just egomaniac.
  • Mina speaks with her professor about her troubles with surgery. Apparently it’s the only thing that made her nervous as a medical student.
  • It looks like Lady Jane got her wish as Alan gives his opera box to Jonathan and Mina to join her. But since Alan can’t keep his eyes off of Mina while he kisses Jane we’re guessing he’s just using her.
  • While hanging out on a roof Dracula gets attacked by the creepy guy from The Order of the Dragon. But Dracula easily slits hit throat and promises to kill the rest of the order.
  • Jane practices her sword skills and tries to talk in a random female vampire into admitting her sire. The vampire warns that soon there will be a legion of them.
  • Mina’s professor (a.k.a Abraham Van Helsing) tells off Alan for killing so carelessly. It’s revealed that he’s the one who woke up Dracula from his grave! They both want The Order of the Dragon gone. Helsing wants revenge for his families murder, and Dracula wants revenge for the murder of his wife Ilona.
  • The episode cuts off after Mina awakes from sleep where she seems to have seen the same flashback showing Ilona’s murder.

What did you think of the ‘Dracula’ season 1 premiere on NBC?

Photo credit: Jonathon Hession/NBC

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