As the wheels begin to turn on Downton Abbey‘s fourth series, a new love interest will reportedly hop on for the romantic Edwardian ride. Major spoilers for series 3 ahead.

Have your tears dried over the loss of Matthew Crawley, Downton Abbey fans? Because it seems that Lady Mary’s have, or will soon. According to TVLine, Downton Abbey is looking to fill the newly-vacated romantic niche in Mary’s life – and it won’t be with a cowboy.

Apparently, Mary’s series 4 suitor will be one “Lord Anthony Gillingham,” not to be confused with Edith’s ill-fated fiance Sir Anthony Strallan. Gillingham is described as a dashing, handsome gentleman in his mid-thirties, and is apparently meant to become a familiar face on Downton Abbey. What remains to be seen, however, is how Gillingham will compete with the memory of the recently-departed Matthew – you know, the other dashing, handsome thirty-something in Mary’s life. Dan Stevens’ departure from the show has left many fans nursing wounded feelings, and Downton‘s creator Julian Fellowes will need to be deft in his introduction of any character who intends to take Matthew’s place at Mary’s side.

Fans of the other widowed member of the Crawley clan – Sybil’s husband Tom Branson – may also be need to keep their eyes peeled for a new love on the horizon, as per subtle intimations from the Downton Abbey Christmas special. The show is allegedly casting a nanny (possibly for Tom’s daughter Sybil, or Mary’s newborn son) though there is currently no specific indication that the character will serve as anything more. This being Downton Abbey, however, it might be best to anticipate any eventuality.

Series 4 of Downton Abbey‘s is scheduled to begin filming in February and will air on ITV in fall of 2013.

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