One great thing about Hypable is that we welcome visitors from many, many fandoms. This is also an issue. Some visit this site and enjoy being negative towards fans in other fandoms.

Funnily enough, those who – I’ll be blunt – love Harry Potter and hate Twilight are forgetting a very important lesson in the Potter books: DON’T HATE. The fact that some Potter fans rip on Twilight just for the sake of it shows they are poor Potter fans. Did you not learn anything from the seven books?

In nearly every Twilight post on Hypable there will be comments by people who are simply posting negative comments because they do not like the series.

To those of you who do that, we ask that you please stop. ALL fans are welcome here to discuss the fandom(s) they love. At Hypable, the only negative comments we want are those that offer fair and constructive criticism. If you’re not a fan of a particular fandom, please don’t leave negative comments for the sake of telling us why your fandom is better.

While I’m targeting this at Hypable visitors, trust me – it goes on elsewhere online. Over the past few years I’ve been surprised by quite a few friends who go out of their way to pick on Twilight.

It’s made me wonder: Why DO people pick on it? My best theory is they feel insecure about how popular Twilight has become. No one was complaining about the series until the first movie came out and the popularity exploded. That’s when I started seeing people change their minds about the books and films. Their thoughts went from “it’s a nice quick read” to “omg this series is awful”.

I propose that we just be nice to everyone! If a fandom is popular, that means the fandom is great. The truth is that Twilight, just like countless other fandoms, connects with an incredible amount of fans. They have their reasons for liking the fandom just as you do for yours. To judge others’ fandom choices is to be hypocritical. Honestly, why is YOUR fandom so great? I can probably come up with a few reasons as to why it’s crap, but I don’t because I know some people like the color blue while others would rather see green.

From now on we’ll be keeping a closer eye on the comments of our articles and removing comments that are blatantly hurtful, unfair, or not constructive.

This has been Andrew’s Take on the matter.

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