Upcoming star — fight us — of the Solo movie, Donald Glover, hosted SNL this week, and also performed as musical guest Childish Gambino. Check out the highlights from the episode, as well as the best cameos of the night.

Cold Open with Ben Stiller and Stormy Daniels

Ben Stiller returned this week for another appearance as Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen. Also appearing were Scarlett Johnansson and Jimmy Kimmel, as Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, as well as Stormy Daniels herself. Stiller as Cohen fielded calls from across the administration, with the FBI listening in, as he attempted to get everyone’s stories straight.

Donald Glover Opening Monologue

Donald Glover — who is definitely not at all hung up on the fact that he didn’t get the SNL job he auditioned for — used his opening monologue to highlight how he really can do anything. Like skateboarding, being a chef, or an electrician, and playing the clarinet.

The People vs. Jurassic World

In the opening sketch, Glover portrayed a lawyer defending Jurassic World from allegations that the park was responsible for the deaths of several friends, and family members, of Mr. Miller. Needless to say, things did not go well for Glover.


In a sketch, which riffed off both A Quiet Place and the recent Kanye West controversy, Donald Glover and his group attempted to outrun the monsters hunting them. However, Kanye West’s recent spate of tweets and interviews doom them one by one.

Lando Calrissian

At the Naboo beach front hotel, Lando Calrissian holds a summit for all of the black people in space. The turn out wasn’t exactly what he was expecting.

Childish Gambino perfoms

Donald Glover doubled up as Childish Gambino to perform twice on this week’s episode. Check out his latest songs, “Saturday” and “This is America” below.

(SNL have not released the live performance of “This is America,” so we have included the official music video.)

Coming Up on ‘SNL’

On the next episode of SNL, airing May 13, Amy Schumer will host, alongside musical guest Kacey Musgraves.

What was your favorite Donald Glover sketch on this week’s episode?

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