Former Doctor Who star David Tennant has always expressed interest in reprising his lead role for the show’s 50th Anniversary – but have recent comments revealed he will indeed be back?

He’s frequently been voted the fandom’s favourite Doctor, and David Tennant is a self-confessed Doctor Who addict. Perhaps that’s why rumors of his return have been rife ever since he announced his departure way back in 2008. The Scottish actor didn’t help matters when he confessed his excitement about the prospects of a Doctor Who reunion for the show’s 50th Anniversary next year, and continued to admit he would love to return in subsequent interviews over the last year.

Things have been quiet on that front recently though, with Tennant managing to avoid any intrusive questions. Until last night, that is. While promoting his new film Nativity 2 on the red carpet earlier this week, the Hamlet thespian was asked once more about the prospects of reprising the role of the Tenth Doctor alongside Matt Smith. His answer was noticeably more guarded, as you can see in the video below (courtesy of Red Carpet News TV).

In case you missed it, Tennant responded with the following:

“I can’t imagine there even are gonna be any anniversary celebrations, are there? Look at my agent getting twitchy!”

The sudden change in statement is suspicious enough as it is, and when coupled with his jocular delivery it really seems like David is trying to hint at something here (namely that he has signed on to return).

Doctor Who stars have a habit of inadvertently confirming things through hints as the BBC secrecy rules are so strict. Just earlier this year, Matt Smith confirmed the return of the Ice Warriors and Cybermen in next year’s run while at a convention by not saying anything in particular – greeted with laughter and applause from a grateful audience. With the mention of David’s agent, it seems he was really trying to tiptoe around the question.

Would you like to see David Tennant return to Doctor Who?

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