Another Friday, another set of Doctor Who spoilers! After yesterday’s shots from filming in a spooky setting, set reports from the shoot have begun to surface online. This post contains spoilers.

In what may prove to be the most dramatic and revealing set leak in a long time, we have received confirmation of a character’s return, and information alluding to the demise of another. First of all, we got some more pictures on location from a cemetery near Cardiff, which confirm the return of River Song. While we knew that the character would return in some way, this is the first time we have seen Alex Kingston play the character.

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We also have a set report, which outlines some dramatic events that are due to take place in episode five of the upcoming seventh series.

In addition to Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, there was one Weeping Angel and River (Alex Kingston) who seemed to be wearing the same clothes as she did during her first appearance in Series 5…

It’s possible they were filming Amy’s departure… She ran out from the TARDIS and stopped dead in front of the Weeping Angel and called the Doctor. He and River ran out in a hurry – River stopping behind – and the Doctor slowly approached the Angel. He stopped and tried pulling Amy away, but she was ignoring him and slowly walking towards the Angel. The Doctor was screaming, “No, no don’t do this, please!”

River tried pulling the Doctor away, but he carried on. River said, “Come on, there’s nothing we can do.” The Doctor shouted, “NO!” And then went up to Amy (who was still walking towards the Angel). He then entered the TARDIS in anger and sadness, followed by River. Then they cut and just repeated the scene over again.

Arthur Darvill was on also on set, but didn’t participate much. I’m assuming the scene was set to be soon after New York because they had the green screen in front of the TARDIS to begin with and they were all wearing the same clothes!

A second report suggests many fans fears, that Rory will indeed be dying for the final time during his encounter with the Weeping Angels.

According the very reliable Timeboy, Rory will indeed die of old age in the episode.

Rory is sent back in time by a Weeping Angel. When the Doctor and Amy finally locate Rory, he’s an old man. He dies shortly after and Amy is left a widow.

The scene filmed today in the cemetery is thought to be Rory’s funeral, with a wake scene to be filmed soon.

Source: Doctor Who TV 1 | 2

Well, it certainly seems that Steven Moffat is delivering on his promise of a heartbreaking farewell to the Ponds. While it’s slightly difficult to try and piece the two reports into concurrent events, Hypable guesses that Amy is “killing-herself-nicely” by touching an Angel in an attempt to be sent back in time and reunited with Rory. This is unlikely to work – which could present an interesting and emotional finale with Rory, Amy and The Doctor separated by time. If we get to say farewell to River as well, then episode five could be the saddest episode of Who yet.

How do you think Amy and Rory’s departure will play out? What caused the TARDIS to set on fire?

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