There are hints that we could soon be seeing “prequels” to series 7 part 1 in the coming days.

Director of photography Sarah Bartles-Smith has updated her CV (noticed by the ever eagle-eyed Doctor Who TV) to include two short features – “Series VII Ep 1 Prequel” and the interestingly titled “Last Day of the Ponds.” Bartles-Smith has previously worked on the two Moffat-penned Christmas Specials, as well as “Let’s Kill Hitler” and last year’s Children In Need sketch.

Prequels have become a staple of the pre-broadcast hype for new series of Doctor Who, teasing the plot of subsequent episodes and introducing us to guest characters (last year, a video message from President Nixon – played by Stuart Milligan – debuted online ahead of series 6’s “The Impossible Astronaut”/”Day of the Moon”). While we expect the “Asylum of the Daleks” prequel will probably receive a more fitting title ahead of it’s release, the short film is likely to be officially announced within the next week. It may seem that work has only recently concluded on them, but as short two minutes scenes they don’t go through a very lengthy pre-production phase and turnover is generally fairly quick.

“Last Day of the Ponds” will probably give us a final glimpse at Amy and Rory’s lives before they bow out of the show in “Angels Take Manhattan.”

What sort of things are you hoping for from the upcoming prequel episodes?

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