Doctor Who is finally back with season 10 after what seems like the world’s longest hiatus. Doctor Who hasn’t had the smoothest of roads the last two seasons, so here are our hope for season 10.

There was a certain magic that Chistopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith had as the Doctor. Maybe is was the excitement of the rebooted series with Eccelston. Maybe it was the ultimate fanboy living his dream with Tennant. Maybe it was the old-soul, youthful exuberance of Matt Smith. Whatever it was, it hasn’t been quite the same with Peter Capaldi.

Where does the blame lie? Perhaps it was the overly convoluted plots. On the other hand, it might have been the inconsistent characterization of Clara. Then again, maybe we could just have blamed it on plain old fandom fatigue. The fact of the matter is, whatever the reason, some of the shine has fallen off the fandom fanaticism.

Here’s what we are hoping Doctor Who series 10 does to perk things up a bit.

‘Doctor Who’ season 10 wishlist

1. Equalize the Doctor’s moods

We know that the Doctor is coming off of ending his relationship with River Song. He finally spent those final moments (Okay, it was years) with River on Darillium prior to River meeting her end in the Library. Just before that, he had lost Clara. What we really, really want is not another angst ridden Doctor. We don’t expect him to forget about his past, but if he isn’t dwelling on it constantly, we’d all be better off.

2. Let Bill rock

Let’s be blunt about this. We want Pearl Mackie to own being Bill, the new companion. We want her to chew up the scenery and take no prisoners. We want a women who is feisty, confident, and unafraid to speak her mind. We want a companion who is ready to take on the adventures with the Doctor with the unabashed enthusiasm that we’d have if we were ever invited into the TARDIS.

3. More great speeches please

Up until the Doctor’s speech on war, we were hard pressed to find a highly memorable moment for Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Don’t get us wrong, he’s not bad, but there was just nothing really iconic before that. We want more of writing on the level of Matt Smith’s Pandorica confrontation, David Tennant’s “The 11th Hour” monologue, or Christopher Eccelston’s final speech in “The Parting of the Ways.” Capadli clearly has the acting chops. Give the man the material to use them!

4.Please let the spinoff work

We are hopeful that Doctor Who: Class finds an American audience. There is a void that was left for more mature Doctor Who stories once Torchwood went off the air. Class has serious potential. It’s not the innocence of The Sarah Jane Adventures, but at the same time, it’s not quite as daring as Torchwood. If it can routinely tell a more mature, teen worthy story featuring modern teen issues with decent dialogue that actually resembles what teens actually sound like, then it has something.

5. Bring back the fear factor

We want a proper hiding behind the couch enemy. To be honest, the Daleks and Cybermen are overdone. We’ve also pretty much had our fill of Weeping Angels. They get less terrifying each appearance. Give us new aliens that scare the life out of us. Give us an alien that gives the Doctor a run for his money, something he doesn’t know how to negotiate with.

6. Cameo please

As much as we appreciate the references to Susan, Teegan, Rose, Amy etc., can we get an actual cameo? Rather than having just another name drop reference, how about an episode where Martha Jones pops by. Maybe an adventure featuring a character who turns out to be Teegan’s granddaughter? Dare we say it? Could Captain Jack Harkness drop by?

Now, whether or not our wish list becomes reality, we are still hopeful. Doctor Who is back, and we are ready! We’ll be watching this Saturday at 9:00 on BBC America with sonic screwdrivers held high.

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