‘Doctor Who’ season 10 trailer: Meet Bill

3:30 pm EDT, December 25, 2016

During the Doctor Who Christmas Special fans were able to get their first glimpse at the show’s next season with a trailer starring the new companion.

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to get new Doctor Who footage but our drought is over, as the Christmas Special premiered tonight and gave us a look at what’s to come in 2017.

The new trailer gives us our first extended look at Bill, the Doctor’s new companion. Bill narrates the 50 second trailer with tales of her and the Doctor’s adventures in the newest season.

Bill, played by Pearl Mackie, was announced as the companion in April of this year. She’s only the second woman of color to be the Doctor’s companion after Martha Jones which is a welcome change from the cast of caucasians that have filled the role in years prior.

She’ll be joining the Doctor on his adventures presumably for all of season 10, and we look forward to seeing a fresh face explore the universe with him!

It’s extremely exciting to be getting new Doctor Who footage for season 10 especially considering that the latest run will be Steven Moffat’s last. Chris Chibnall, writer of several previous Doctor Who episodes, will be taking over the reins of the show at the end of 2017 with his first season premiering some time in 2018.

And while we can expect Steven Moffat to walk away after season 10 we’re still not sure if Peter Capaldi will go with him. Earlier this year Capaldi was asked if he would stay and he said he wasn’t sure. Granted, at the time of the interview he had plenty of time to make a decision because season 11 was so far. We’ll have to keep an eye out as we come closer to season 10’s premiere — hopefully we’ll know if Capaldi has made his decision by then!

‘Doctor Who’ season 10 premieres Spring of 2017

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