Report: ‘Doctor Who’-related announcement coming tonight at midnight

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1:45 pm EST, August 1, 2013

Hold on to your fezzes, Whovians. MSN has tweeted that there is a big announcement coming tonight at midnight, United Kingdom time.

UPDATE: The BBC has announced that the 12th Doctor will be revealed this Sunday!

The tweet reads as follows:

What could it be? Here are some of the guesses so far.

Matt Smith’s not leaving.
This is unlikely as he has already announced his leaving and is not likely to go back on what he has said.

Moffat is leaving.
This is more likely than Smith returning. Moffat has been head writer for 3 seasons and wrote a few episodes before taking the reigns. Is it time for a new writer?

The Twelfth Doctor.
As much as I and so many others want this to be the announcement, this feels unlikely. There are other rumors that say the announcement could come during a television broadcast this Sunday, August 4.

Doctor Who’s being cancelled.
Seeing as it’s one of the most popular sci-fi shows across the world it doesn’t seem very likely. But, this is the BBC we are talking about and you never know what is going to happen with them.

The 50th trailer.
The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary trailer premiered at Comic-Con San Diego in July, and fans who weren’t able to attend have been clamoring for it ever since. Could tonight be the night?

Stay tuned!

Editor’s note: Hypable will be keeping an eye on the situation and will share the news – whatever it is – tonight.

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