What Doctor Who fan wouldn’t want to step into the TARDIS for five minutes. Well, what if you actually owned a piece of the TARDIS?

According to the LA Times, “Paul J. Salamoff is a former special effects artist from Burbank who now works as a writer and producer. He’s also the owner of the TARDIS console from the 1996 Doctor Who television movie starring Paul McGann. This weekend, he unveiled the refurbished prop at Los Angeles’ annual gathering of Whovians, Gallifrey One.”

Though the script of the 1996 version was not a hugely popular item among fans for a number of reasons, like any incarnation, it had its own version of the TARDIS. The 1996 version was very Jules Vernesque.

For those unfamiliar with the Doctor and his adventures, the TARDIS is a time and space travel device that looks like a British police box. Inside the box, there is a massive console, which differs with the various incarnations of the Doctor. The one used in 1996 film has a vintage feel to it — “steampunk before steampunk became popular,” according to Brian Uiga, who worked on the restoration — and features old laboratory equipment on the facade.

Check out the rest of the photos on the LA Times. It’s really interesting to see the similarities and differences between the 1996 Tardis and the current one.

The photos were all taken at the anual Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles this past weekend, the largest and longest running unofficial Doctor Who convention. The first Official Doctor Who Convention launches in Wales in March with Steven Moffat, Karen Gillan, Matt Smith, and Arthur Darvil all stated to appear.

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