The latest Doctor Who spinoff is already shutting down. Class, written by YA author Patrick Ness, has been canceled after one season.

The show received mixed reviews but was a welcomed addition to the Who legacy thanks to its younger cast (including a gay character!). We here at Hypable liked the show.

A representative for BBC3 said of Class’ cancelation, “There was nothing wrong with it. I thought [writer] Patrick [Ness] did a great job; he explored an amazing world. In honesty, it didn’t really land for us on BBC3. Some shows don’t, and I have to make decisions about what we’re going to do from a drama point of view.”

On to another spinoff? Or should they just stop? Or, you know, bring back Torchwood.

Meanwhile, Peter Capaldi’s final episode airs this Christmas before Jodie Whittaker takes over as the first female Doctor in fall 2018.

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