Why (spoiler) should not have made an appearance in ‘Time of the Doctor’

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10:30 am EST, December 26, 2013

by MyraM93

Most of you watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special in the last day or so, wherever you are around the world. If you haven’t, GO WATCH IT FIRST.

It was wonderful and heartwrenching at the same time, was it not?

But what most people are talking about is the swift regeneration of Matt Smith’s into Peter Capaldi’s Doctor (basically, if you blinked, you missed it), and the other thing most of us are talking about, and which I want to talk about here too, is Amy Pond!


Lets face it, none of us were expecting it (even though Karen Gillan actually uploaded a tweet a while back wearing the exact same wig she wore in the Christmas special, and none of us connected the dots before this), and yet it’s being dubbed as the best moment on the special, along with how Amy Pond was the first and last face the Doctor saw in Eleven’s body.


It was indeed pretty brilliant of Steven Moffat to bring in Karen for those marvelous few seconds – the entire fandom lost it. I mean, who doesn’t love Amy Pond? With the exception of Rose, many of us consider her to be one of the best companions of the Doctor, her and Rory. So obviously people tend to prefer her to, say, Martha Jones or even the more recent Clara Oswald.

Yet, I would like to state my own personal opinion here: Karen Gillan should not have been part of the Christmas special. No, not because I don’t love her character. No, not because her appearance completely flipped out the entire fandom.

But because her being there kind of made me feel like Clara was overlooked and ignored, standing, crying on the side while the Doctor hallucinated and had this spectacularly intimate moment with Amy. It just felt to me like Steven Moffat was trying to say that no matter how great Clara is or will be, she will never be able to measure up to Amy’s character, and the importance Amy holds in the Doctor’s life.

This was a considerably worse idea because ever since Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill departed the show, there has been considerably less buzz since it is believed that Clara will never be able to replace the exhilaration and entertainment which Amy’s character brought to the series. And this is even further proven by how “The Time of the Doctor” messed up the entire timeline of Doctor Who, ever since Clara entered it, basically making the events of series seven impossible.

After the Doctor, Clara is the central character of the show at the moment – and that’s how the special should have made it out to be. Instead, it pretty much fed fuel to the fire and brought Clara’s character down another step.

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