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Jenny is back in new ‘Doctor Who’ audio drama ‘Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter’

The Doctor’s daughter, Jenny, is making her big comeback, saving the world as best she can in the new Doctor Who audio drama Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter.

We all met the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny, back in the Tennant era of Doctor Who, and a lot of the Whovian fandom became a bit obsessed with her. Though she only appeared in one episode, the fandom was so curious to learn what kind of adventures Jenny got up to as she explored the universe armed with nothing but her Time Lord instincts, seeking adventure and helping whoever she could.

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While Jenny has yet to make a second appearance on Doctor Who the television show, she’s taking center stage in a brand new Doctor Who audio drama, aptly titled Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter. A brief trailer for the adventure was released, and it sounds like Jenny is up to some truly amazing stuff on her exploration across the galaxy.

The audio drama is produced by Big Finish, the company behind most of the Doctor Who audio dramas, and will pick up right where we left off at the end of the episode “The Doctor’s Daughter.” True to Time Lord form, Jenny isn’t traveling alone. She’s found a companion to travel with named Noah (Sean Biggerstaff), and will encounter familiar creatures like the Ood, and even make a pit stop on Earth.

Jenny is voiced by Georgia Moffett, who has been a part of the Doctor Who universe since birth. The real-life daughter of fifth Doctor Peter Davison and the wife of tenth doctor David Tennant, Moffett has a pretty unique place in the Whoniverse, so it’s exciting to see her get the chance to revisit her well-loved character once again.

Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter is available for purchase at Big Finish now, and will be available for general sale after August 31. So be sure you get your copy now to begin this new chapter of intergalactic adventuring!

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