9:00 am EST, April 1, 2015

‘Doctor Who’ sets John Barrowman as new showrunner

April Fools!

Doctor Who fans, your new showrunner is none other than Captain Jack himself.

The BBC announced today that Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat will be stepping down after this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special. Moffat is the second showrunner in the reboot era and replaced Russell T. Davies.

In commenting on the change, Moffat stated, “I couldn’t stay forever now could I? Well, it would have been nice, but there are more things that need my attention. For starters, Mark [Gatiss] and I want to expand Sherlock into a show with more than three episodes per season, and there are some other projects in the works that I can’t discuss just yet.”

Moffat continued, “Who better to captain the Doctor Who ship than one of its very own captains? John has been a fan since he was a wee lad. He has a respect for the material, and he understands the direction the show needs to go to continue the Doctor Who legacy.”


Those concerned Barrowman may not be up to the task shouldn’t worry. Aside from his multiple acting credits on stage, movies, and TV, John Barrowman has produced his own stage shows for years. He’s not unfamiliar with what it takes to mount a production. As showrunner, Barrowman wouldn’t necessarily be writing, but rather selecting writers and directors to flesh out the ideas he and his team have.

His current stint on Arrow is on a completely different schedule than Doctor Who, so no worries on the time commitment there.

John Barrowman could barely contain his excitement. “This is dream come true. As everyone knows I’ve been a fan forever, I can’t wait to dive in,” he said. “There are so many people involved and I can’t wait to collaborate with all of them.”

When asked what spin he might put on the show, Barrowman said, “Well, I can’t give it all away, and it’s still early days, but I’m thinking some musical numbers would lighten it up. Why not have the Doctor visit the West End?”

Barrowman then whipped out his cell phone and showed us the below photo. “I also have a certain guest star lined up,” he said through a grin.


Could all of this be a backdoor into rebooting Torchwood, the Doctor Who vehicle that starred Barrowman for four seasons? Barrowman slyly suggested the Tardis as a time machine could go anywhere or anywhen. For example, the current Doctor might visit some old Torchwood faces before the demise of Torchwood. Barrowman whispered knowingly, “Shhhhhh, Ianto Jones lives, but you didn’t hear it here.”

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