The Doctor Who team was busy filming outdoors in Wales yesterday and at least part of the filming would seem to include Elizabethan England.

Sighted on set were Matt Smith, Billie Piper, David Tennant, and Joanna Page. There was also an actor suited up as a Zygon wandering around. Steven Moffat has been doing double duty. He’s been shuttling between the nearby Sherlock shoots and this site.

Given that the BBC and Steven Moffat are routinely tight-lipped about filming, it’s likely that they tweeted informal photos of Page and Tennant, and released a still of the Zygon over the weekend because they knew there would be no way to hide their presence since they’d be filming out in the open.

Initially, there were erroneous reports stating that Catherine Tate was on set. The error occurred because Joanna Page either had her signature blonde hair dyed red, or she was wearing a red wig. Given the costuming, the presence of medieval tents, and a horse saddled in similar gear, it’s likely that the Doctor is meeting up with Good Queen Bess (A.K.A. Elizabeth I) again. Judge for yourself in the photo below, and see more on The Daily Mail.

joanna elizabeth-sized

The cast and crew are bundled up in between shots as Wales is experiencing a record breaking cold snap. This weather pattern is uncharacteristic this time of year even for Wales. Despite the bundling, it’s obvious that David Tennant is wearing his signature brown suit and white sneakers leading many to speculate that he is playing the 10th Doctor and not the clone of the 10th Doctor. The clone wore a blue suit. The TARDIS that was observed is also stylized in the fashion of the 10th Doctor. This led to further speculation that what is being filmed is a flashback to an adventure of the Doctor and Rose before the tragedy at Canary Wharf took place.

If there is a flashback to the 10th Doctor and Rose, as many are speculating, do you think there will also be a flashback to other companions or the Ninth Doctor?

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