The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special is busy filming outdoors in Wales again. Some familiar things were seen on set. *Spoilers*

According to reports from those who observed the filming, it was another incredibly chilly day in the Welsh countryside. There’s still snow on the ground and the wind was howling.

The day started with a helicopter circling Matt Smith’s version of the TARDIS on an open field. On the previous day’s filming, when David Tennant and Joanna Page were on set, the TARDIS was the slightly different 10th Doctor model. Regardless, both TARDIS models seem to have a tendency to blow over in the windy weather, keeping the crew on their toes. There is a full collection of photos here.

jenna bike 50th anniversary special

Later in the day, Jenna-Louise Coleman and her stunt double were observed riding the Doctor’s anti-gravity bike that first made its debut in the “Bells of St. John” episode. According to long-time set observer Aimee,

…they were obviously doing shoots of the motorbike racing down the hill with Clara’s stunt double riding it. They filmed this from several ways, tracking her face on and also driving a camera towards the Tardis so you can see what she’s seeing.

It was the same anti-grav bike as the one in ‘The Bells of St John’ and we heard ‘Doors, Doors, Doors!’ as dialogue, shouted as she drives down the road. The presumption being Clara drives at high speed into the Tardis.

“The Bells of St. John” was not the first time the Doctor has ridden a motor bike. The third and seventh doctors each used one when circumstances made it convenient. More recently, the 10th Doctor and Rose traveled on a bike during “The Idiot’s Lantern,” though in fairness it was more of a scooter.

What do you think of the anti-gravity bike becoming a Doctor Who staple?

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