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‘Divergent’ soundtrack’s Miriam Bryant talks Zedd, ‘Find You’ with Hypable

Girl power was in full force last night at Los Angeles’ Bootleg Theater where Swedish singer/songwriter Miriam Bryant capped off a night full of stellar performances by up-and-coming female vocalists. Among the songs Bryant performed was a stripped down version of “Find You,” the track the singer collaborated on with “Clarity” artist Zedd and fellow vocalist Matthew Koma, for inclusion on the Divergent soundtrack.

Check out what Miriam had to say about working with Zedd, writing “Find You,” and what she thought of the early screening of Divergent she was lucky enough to see earlier this month.

It’s been over a year since Miriam Bryant started working on the song that would eventually become “Find You,” with Grammy Award winning producer Zedd and fellow vocalist Matthew Koma, but the singer vividly remembers that, much like the way the track plays now, the entire concept started with a beautiful piano melody.

“I remember [Zedd] sending me a piano memo he recorded on his iPhone and it was beautiful and it sort of make me cry,” Bryant says of the song’s origins. “It made me happy and sad all at the same time and I was like, wow! I need to be involved in this— I love it! And he said, yay! Let’s write a song!”

The rest, as they say, is history. After that, the singer says the track just sort of developed. “I wrote a top line into the whole track with my friend and producer, Victor, and [Zedd] ended up picking the parts that he liked the most and then Matthew Koma who also sings on the song complimented the rest,” explains Bryant.

The trio, however, had no idea that a year later, the studio would be interested in including “Find You” on the Divergent soundtrack. Inclusion on the soundtrack was a happy additive that Bryant seems extremely pleased about, having read through most of the series and being a fan of Veronica Roth’s trilogy herself.

“Actually, the studio wanted me to write some music for the movies so they sent me the first book and I started reading it and just got totally hooked,” says Bryant. “I’ve read the second book and I’m halfway through the third but once I’m done, I’m going to read them all again— I just love them.”

Naturally, as a fan of the series, Bryant was also pleased over getting the chance to attend an early screening of Divergent a few weeks back. The Swedish singer says she loved getting the opportunity to screen a film that isn’t fully finished yet and says that as a musician, it’s similar to listening to a song before it’s fully mixed. Additionally, Bryant says she’s looking forward to being able to compare what she saw in the screening to the final product when the film hits theaters on March 21.

And if you’re curious as to what her favorite scene in Divergent was, as a self proclaimed romantic, Bryant confessed to loving the kiss between Tris and Four. As to what fans can expect from the highly anticipated scene, the singer left us with this singular parting warning:

“[The kiss] is gonna make everybody fall in love with Theo James!” she exclaimed. “He’s f—king gorgeous! He is so gorgeous.”

Listen to “Find You” by Miriam Bryant, Zedd, and Matthew Koma below:

Will you be picking up the ‘Divergent’ soundtrack when it drops on March 11?

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