11:00 am EDT, May 9, 2013

‘Divergent’ author Veronica Roth – A ‘Harry Potter’ fan and MuggleCast listener!

I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to Divergent author Veronica Roth in April. We spoke at length about the book to film adaptation and Allegiant.

But it was what Roth said at the end of our interview that surprised me most.

Following our fun and in-depth interview (on the Divergent movie and on the Allegiant book), we were chatting outside the conference room with other attendees when Roth turned to me.




It turns out that not only is Roth a huge fan of Harry Potter (“I’m a Hufflepuff!” the author said proudly), but she is also a MuggleCast listener.

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As I stood aghast at this revelation, Roth explained that she would listen while driving back and forth from classes at Northwestern University. She said that when she heard my voice toss a question at her in the conference room, she recognized it instantly from all of her hours tuned in.

It is a huge shock to hear that an author you admire listens to your work, so I quickly returned the compliment and wished her luck with Allegiant and the Divergent movie.

Roth was asked during our interview if there was a book or film she was passionate about in the same way that people are a fan of Divergent. “I mean… Harry Potter,” she said. “I have a wand. I was thinking.. I’m going to Comic-Con this year, and I was really thinking about making myself some robes. I’m a big fan of that.”

Ready for more from our interview with the rising author? We split our material up into two articles: Veronica on the Divergent movie and Veronica on Allegiant.

MuggleCast is in the midst of wrapping up its run as a regularly released podcast. We will be releasing three more episodes between now and August before turning off the microphones for good. You can listen to our most recent episode at this link.

Divergent book 3 Allegiant hits store shelves October 22. The Divergent movie starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James opens in theaters March 21, 2014.

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