3:45 pm EDT, March 17, 2016

‘Allegiant’ reviews say it’s the worst movie in the ‘Divergent’ series

Critics are not liking the third Divergent movie, which opens in theaters this weekend.

“Let’s be Candor: This franchise is tumbling downhill at an alarming speed,” reads one review from Us Weekly and shared on Rotten Tomatoes. “Allegiant is basically a thumb-twiddling place holder that relies on crashes, attacks and subpar effects rather than dramatic substance,” reads another from RogertEbert.com.

In fact, Allegiant is currently the worst-reviewed movie of the three that’ve opened so far in the Divergent Series. Divergent’s Rotten Tomatoes average ended up at a 40%, while Insurgent ended up at 29%. Allegiant? It’s currently at 13%.

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A more positive Allegiant review praises Shailene Woodley. “Though it looks as though she might be starting to get a bit bored with all of this silliness, Woodley is still a captivating presence on screen,” says the Illinois Times.

Another review from the Irish Independent says, “[The movie] includes a lot more action than its rather funereal predecessors and the special effects are strong. But they take their own sweet time with the storytelling, and a final Divergent film is on the way.”

Personally speaking, I liked the first Divergent movie a lot but was very “meh” on the sequel. I ended up not reading the third book because I accidentally spoiled myself, but from what I’ve seen from readers, Allegiant (the book) was not so great.

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It’ll be interesting to see how Allegiant performs at the box office. Divergent made $150 million domestically and $288 million worldwide, while Insurgent made $130 million in the United States and $297 million globally. Will Allegiant climb higher? Achieve similar numbers? Or crash and burn? We’ll be able to make some comparisons by the end of the weekend.

One more Divergent movie will open next summer, titled Ascendant. It is technically the second half of Allegiant, but the studio isn’t using “Part 1” and “Part 2” in the title. What’s more, rumor has it that the adaptation is going to continue diverting from Veronica Roth’s book series.

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