9:15 am EST, February 22, 2018

Disney planning another reboot of ‘The Muppets’

It hasn’t been that long since ABC’s failed 2016 reboot of The Muppets, but Disney is looking to reboot the series again for their new streaming service.

Disney announced they will be releasing their own, exclusive streaming service, which is set to launch sometime in 2019. The service will not only be the perfect hub for Disney classics, but also new shows, reboots, and all sorts of new and exciting ways to bring Disney properties to fans. It seems that one such reboot heading our way on the Disney streaming service will be a reboot of The Muppets.

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And if you’re scratching your head thinking that you could have sworn you remember a Muppets reboot just happening, you’re right. Back in 2016, ABC tried to revive our favorite puppet pals, but the show was canceled after one season after fans and critics alike panned the revival series.

So what is different about this reboot? Well, we don’t really know anything for now. As The Hollywood Reporter states, Disney is currently searching for a screenwriter to bring the reboot to life.

However, one of the biggest complaints about the 2016 reboot for ABC was the cynical and darker tone that the show took on compared to the original Muppets show. So it makes sense that they are likely trying to craft a reboot that is a bit lighter in tone to match The Muppets so many of us remember watching as kids.

After all, the 2011 Muppets movie co-written by Jason Segel did great in theaters and was a movie that kids and adults could enjoy together. So we hope that this new attempt to revive a Muppets TV show is able to maintain that humor we love from the likes of Kermit and Miss Piggy while also being the cheerful, fun show we all remember.

Are you happy that Disney is trying to reboot ‘The Muppets’ again?

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