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Disney Channel’s finest: Our 5 favorite ‘Phil of the Future’ episodes

Phil of the Future is just one of the shows that Disney Replay has graciously brought back to our TV screens. In addition to whooping for joy, today we’re sharing our favorite Phil of the Future episodes!

Out of all of the family sitcoms that the Disney Channel has produced over the years, Phil of the FutureZenon left us with such a huge hankering for the future that Phil of the Future was luckily able to satisfy.

Above all, though, we really loved seeing so much of Ricky Ullman when the show was on the air. He’s so charismatic and fun, traits which really shine through his acting.

Anyway, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: the list of our top five favorite Phil of the Future episodes of all time. Here’s hoping that Disney Replay eventually ends up airing all of them!

‘Ill of the Future’ (season 2, episode 19)

Ill of the Future
Via fuckyeahphilofthefuture.tumblr.com

You know, we almost wish that “greenemia” was a real thing because how hilarious would it be to have people acting the opposite of how they normally do. Well, unless that would turn people into murderers… Where were we? Oh, yes. Greenemia. Seeing Phil acting all crazy is super fun, especially since he’s just lying like crazy. The best part about this episode, however, has to be the fact that the greenemia turns the Diffys green and gives them ridiculously long, white beards. Dear Disney Replay, please bring this episode to our screens soon.

‘Age Before Beauty’ (season 1, episode 16)

Age Before BeautyAge Before Beauty
Via fuckyeahphilofthefuture.tumblr.com

We’ve all been there. We’ve all wanted to know what we’ll look like when we’re older. We would definitely be intrigued by the New-Ager like Keely is and would undoubtedly use it on ourselves. We can’t believe how believable-looking Older Keely is. The casting for her is pretty much spot on. We can’t wait to see this episode on Disney Replay because we love watching Keely awkwardly going on a date with Principal Hackett and Phil becoming a super old man.

‘Maybe-Sitting’ (season 2, episode 10)

Via fuckyeahphilofthefuture.tumblr.com

While we don’t remember this entire episode, the images of Phil acting like a child and the kid Nathan acting like an old man will never leave our minds. Especially Nathan as an old man because he’s just so grumpy! We love this episode because body swaps and the like are one of our favorite kinds of comedy plots. It’s pretty safe to say that, in our eyes, the New-Ager is the MVP of Phil of the Future. It just makes so many hilarious and memorable things happen!

‘Halloween’ (season 1, episode 15)

Via fuckyeahphilofthefuture.tumblr.com

Okay, so episodes and storylines centered around Pim aren’t usually our favorites. Yes, Pim is fun, but she’s not all that multidimensional. That being said, this episode is wonderful. We love seeing Kay Panabaker take her goody-two-shoes character to the next level by making her robotic and maniacal. Watching her give orders to her “slaves” to make and assemble a ton of cupcakes is the icing on the cake (pun totally intended). The “horror” elements in this episode are perfectly done. Our favorite part has to be the secret messages passed via cupcake frosting. When it comes to Halloween episodes, Phil of the Future did it right.

‘Back to the Future (Not the Movie)’ (season 2, episode 22)

Back to the Future (Not the Movie)
Via fuckyeahphilofthefuture.tumblr.com

Phil and Keely, salt and pepper. Breaking hearts since… well, since the show started. While we didn’t believe that Phil would leave without saying goodbye to his best friend and soulmate, we still can’t believe that the Diffys actually leave to go back home! When we first saw this episode, we thought it would end like the earlier episode, “Get Ready to Go-Go.” You know, where the Diffys make to leave and then don’t. That first/last kiss between Phil and Keely is so passionate and so wonderful. We’re still not over it. (Thanks a lot, Disney Replay, for bringing back all these feels!)

Honorable Mentions

Phil of the Future Disney Replay
Via queenbetsy.tumblr.com

  • “Good Phil Hunting” (season 2, episode 11) — While we do see Keely as an intelligent girl, seeing her in that upper level math class is hilarious.
  • “Get Ready to Go-Go” (season 2, episode 6) — It’s been years since we first saw this episode and we’re still swooning over Phil and Keely slow dancing.
  • “Versa Day” (season 2, episode 1) — Phil as Pim and Pim as Phil. Body swap episodes are always fun, but we’re always big fans of sibling swaps.
  • “Neander-Phil” (season 1, episode 17) — Have we mentioned that we’re fans of body swaps? Watching Phil transform between himself and a caveman unexpectedly is hilarious.
  • “Time Release Capsule” (season 2, episode 8) — How tragic would it be for Phil and Keely’s friendship to be completely erased?!

To watch episodes of all of your favorite 2000s Disney Channel shows (including Phil of the Future), be sure to check your TV guide for when the “Disney Replay” programming block airs in your timezone!

What episode of ‘Phil of the Future’ do you want to see on Disney Replay?

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