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Disney Channel’s finest: Our 5 favorite ‘Lizzie McGuire’ episodes

Now that Disney Channel has started airing our favorite childhood shows again (a la Nickelodeon’s “The 90s Are All That), we’re counting down all of our favorite episodes. This week, we’re taking a look at Lizzie McGuire!

This past August, the Disney Channel created “Disney Replay,” a late evening/very early morning programming block that, according to D23, “will bring back… some of your favorite, long-lost Disney Channel shows,” including Lizzie McGuire. We honestly couldn’t be more excited!

Lizzie McGuire was a staple of our childhood. She was so easy to relate to and her family was one that we wish we could be a part of. Plus, don’t even get us started on the awesomeness that was Miranda and Gordo.

In celebration of seeing Lizzie & Co. back on our television screens once more thanks to Disney Replay, we thought we’d reminisce about our five favorite episodes of Lizzie McGuire. Of all time. In no specific order though because that would’ve been far too difficult to organize!

‘Inner Beauty’ (season 2, episode 16)

Inner Beauty
Via hellyeahlizziemcguire.tumblr.com

This episode marks the first time that we ever saw the Disney Channel come close to discussing something as sensitive as eating disorders. While it was a little too “one and done” for us, this episode has stuck with us for years. Even though the episode dealt with a heavy subject, the most memorable part of the episode is definitely the music video sequence. We would be lying if we said that we weren’t inspired to film a music video to that song with our best friend.

‘Picture Day’ (season 1, episode 2)

Picture Day
Via gurl.tumblr.com

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This is quite possibly the most classic and memorable episode of Lizzie McGuire. We’re not sure if it’s because of the ugly (yet awesome) unicorn sweater or the final photo Lizzie takes that makes us love this episode so much. We just know that, whenever we watch this episode, we love seeing Lizzie begging people for their clothes because, as one girl in the show says, it’s weird. We understand the importance of and stress behind picture day. We just never thought anyone would go to the great lengths for the “perfect” outfit that Lizzie did!

‘Bye, Bye Hillridge Junior High’ (season 2, episode 23)

Bye, Bye Hillridge Junior High
Via hellyeahlizziemcguire.tumblr.com

The transition from junior high (or “middle school,” as some of us called it) to high school is a rough one. We’ve lived it. Was this episode’s portrayal of high schoolers a bit exaggerated? Yes. But were the feelings, doubts, and insecurities that the characters were all feeling exaggerated? Not in the slightest, and we love that about the episode. We also love all of the flashbacks and the Gordo/Lizzie “drama” because, let’s be honest, we were all just waiting for that ship to sail and his yearbook message was perfect.

‘Aaron Carter’s Coming to Town’ (season 1, episode 7)

Aaron Carter's Coming to Town
Via fortheloveofkristen.tumblr.com

AARON. CARTER. In our favorite Disney Channel show. We could barely believe it when we were younger (and a few of us were incredibly jealous when Aaron kissed Lizzie). The whole episode was just so ridiculous that it worked. Of course, none of the producers or workers on set would know what Aaron Carter looked like and of course Matt convinced him that he was the pop star. This, added to the fact that the sole security guard was a bit of a bumbling idiot and Aaron’s manager was cool about avid fans, we couldn’t believe all of the luck Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo had in meeting the star and being in his video.

It’s weird to think where Aaron and Hilary are now, friendship-wise.

‘I Do, I Don’t’ (season 1, episode 10)

I Do, I Don't

Man, if our consumer ed./social studies classes were this interesting, we would have paid more attention! Talk about a class project. We loved seeing how our favorite characters reacted and behaved when given a potential career and spouse.

Gordo was the total underdog in this episode, as he not only was given the career of a “sanitation engineer” but he had to deal with Lizzie’s jealousy. Yes, we would’ve loved to have seen her paired with her crush, Ethan, but we felt for Gordo. Her selfishness definitely taught us a lesson in this episode and we’re glad she turned it all around at the end (just like we knew she would).


Honorable mentions

Lizzie McGuire and Miranda

  • “Between a Rock and a Bra Place” (season 1, episode 12) – “I WANT A BRA!”
  • “She Said, He Said, She Said” (season 2, episode 19) – We loved this episode’s homage to one of our favorite movies of all time, The Breakfast Club.
  • “First Kiss” (season 2, episode 1) – We’ll never forget the final scene of this episode where Gordo comforts Lizzie and says things we all want to hear after a break-up.
  • “Clue-Less” (season 2, episode 22) – We love murder mystery parties and we loved seeing Ethan be smarter than someone. Plus, Gordo almost made a move!
  • “Bad Girl McGuire” (season 1, episode 11) – Lizzie TOTALLY rocked the rocker/”I don’t care what you think” look and attitude. Really though.

To watch episodes of all of your favorite 2000s Disney Channel shows (including Lizzie McGuire), be sure to check your TV guide for when the “Disney Replay” programming block airs in your timezone!

What episode of ‘Lizzie McGuire’ do you want to see on Disney Replay?

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