1:51 pm EDT, August 16, 2019

Disney+ will make it difficult to share your password with friends

A new report reveals the steps Disney is taking to prevent subscribers from dolling out their Disney+ password to friends and family, a common favor for other streaming apps.

HBO’s CEO famously said in 2014 that they don’t mind when subscribers share their passwords because it only helps bring awareness to their shows, but don’t expect that same attitude from Disney+.

Charter Communications, a cable company in the United States, announced on Wednesday that they are partnering with Disney+ to make subscribing to the upcoming streaming app easier for their existing customers. In their press release, they state that the two companies “have also agreed to work together on piracy mitigation. [They will] will work together to implement business rules and techniques to address such issues as unauthorized access and password sharing.”

Specifics weren’t mentioned in the press release, but the commitment suggests that Disney might be asking all partners to help them reduce the chance of people sharing their passwords. After all, less password sharing means more subscribers.

Disney+ hasn’t specified what type of security they’ll have in their app, but they did announce a profiles feature, letting multiple people use a single Disney+ account. This feature hints that Disney intends to let at least a handful of people share a subscription.

Perhaps Disney will crack down on password sharing by limiting the number of devices that can be logged into a single Disney+ account, or limiting the number of simultaneous streams.

The anticipation and focus on Disney+ cannot be underestimated as it approaches its November launch. Disney CEO Bob Iger has stated that it is his #1 priority at the company, and has emphasized it’s extremely important that the company get this right.

Disney+ shouldn’t be a hard sell for consumers — it’ll eventually include the Walt Disney Company’s entire film and TV library at an affordable $6.99/mo price tag. Last week, they announced a Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle for only $12.99/mo.

More details are expected to be revealed next weekend at Disney’s annual D23 Expo.

Source: ArsTechnica

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