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6 Disney Channel Original Movies to revisit this Halloween

Disney Channel just doesn’t make them like they used to! Check out these six classic DCOM’s this Halloween.

In the spirit of Halloween, we take a look back at six of the best Disney Channel Original Movies that are perfect to revisit at this time of year. These classics are sure to entertain those who have seen and loved them before and even those who haven’t seen them before! Check out the full list below!

The 6 best DCOMs to watch around Halloween


Disney Channel’s Halloweentown franchise is nothing short of essential in the history of Halloween-themed DCOM’s. Debbie Reynolds’ portrayal of Aggie Cromwell, a quirky grandmother and powerful witch, is a delight and helps lead the audience into the Halloweentown universe.

The DCOM would lead to three sequels, each building and expanding the world introduced in this first franchise. The film borrows from Harry Potter’s template, introducing a 13-year-old girl to her magic powers and an entire unknown world. It all adds up an adventure worth revisiting.

‘Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge’

While all the Halloweentown films put Marnie in the thick of a mystery that needs solving, the premise of this DCOM is definitely the best of the series. Marnie returns to Halloweentown to find that all the magic is being removed from the world. It’s up to her to travel through time to try to save it.

The film introduces the audience to even more memorable characters and raises the stakes, giving us more danger and more magic. It’s an enchanting film and a worthy sequel to the first movie.

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‘Don’t Look Under the Bed’

Don’t Look Under the Bed is one of the lesser known DCOM’s since it was later taken out of the rerun rotation due to complaints from parents that it was too scary! The film follows a young girl named Frances, known for her intelligence and logic, who ends up working with an imaginary friend to defeat the boogeyman. The movie blends magical elements with reality in surprisingly scary ways.

‘Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire’

Siblings Adam and Chelsea are grounded and not happy about it; Adam has tickets to a concert and Chelsea has a date with her boyfriend. They devise a plan to get their mom to go out on a date so they can sneak out without her noticing. Unfortunately, the man they set her up with turns out to be a vampire.

It’s a ridiculous, and at times comical premise that the film makes the most of. This DCOM is a wild adventure ride that is an underrated installment in Disney Channel’s history of original movies.

‘Phantom of the Megaplex’

In an adaptation of Phantom of the Opera, this DCOM follows a teenage theater employee Pete who thinks the movie theater’s legendary spirit is to blame for a variety of spooky occurrences. As Pete investigates the incidents, he deals with disappearing staff, broken equipment, and huge crowds attending the premiere of a new movie.

All the while, Pete’s younger siblings roam free in the theater. The kids work together to solve the mystery in order to save the movie premiere. This DCOM features an impressive mystery with a satisfying reveal at the end that is sure to entertain.


Starring certified Disney Channel stars Tia and Tamara Mowry, Twitches follows two teen witches separated at birth who come together to save the world. The trope of being separated at birth is what launched the Mowrey sister’s successful TV show Sister, Sister and it serves them well in Twitches.

Like Halloweentown, this DCOM introduces a whole new world to the audience and the characters, making for a really fun and exciting viewing experience.

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