11:00 am EDT, April 3, 2015

Play our ‘Disney Animated-to-Live-Action’ Bingo game!

In light of Disney ramping up production on several live-action retellings, we’ve come up with a Bingo game that plays into the unpredictability of the studio’s newfound interest.

You know how Bingo works: Mark off the boxes as they’re yelled out by the lady at the front of the auditorium (or Disney in this case). We created nine versions of our “Disney Animated-to-Live-Action” bingo card that you can choose from using a pool of 29 animated films. Feel free to print these cards out and share them with friends.

You’ll see we’ve included some of the live-action movies that’ve already been revealed (Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast, Winnie the Pooh, and Mulan) so you can immediately begin working towards a “BINGO!”

When coming up with a list of animated movies to include, we purposely avoided Pixar films because they’re too sacred. John Lasseter would rather quit storytelling than let Disney turn Toy Story into a live-action movie.

Print out your card and keep it handy! You never know when we’ll be learning about another one of these movies.

Board 1 (print)

Board 2 (print)

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Board 3 (print)

Board 4 (print)

Board 5 (print)

Board 6 (print)

Board 7 (print)

Board 8 (print)

Board 9 (print)

Good luck to all who play!

If you’re participating in the fun, be sure to snap a picture of your card and share it with us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! We’d love to share it with other readers.

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