Dishonored made my list of most anticipated games coming into E3, and after seeing the title for myself, I think its spot was more than warranted.

Arkane Studios’ latest venture puts you in the shoes of Corvo Atano, a former bodyguard for the Empress. I say former because he is now accused and imprisoned for her murder. To get even, this assassin with supernatural powers is out for the blood of those who are responsible for his situation in the whale oil-powered city of Dunwall.

The thing that’s so great about Dishonored is it leaves the players in total control of how they want to play. You can either go in guns a-blazin’ with no regard for who you take or creep around corners, killing only the necessary few.

To illustrate, the demo shown at E3 featured the same level played twice, each time with a different style of play.

The first time through, a more stealthy approach was used. Guards were avoided with the use of a quick teleportation power, possession and plotting enemy locations with x-ray vision. After avoiding detection and sparing many lives along the way, the assassin didn’t go for the obvious kill, instead opting to use the environment to his advantage by turning up the pressure until a steam pipe burst in target’s room, sealing his fate.

After finding the second target undetected, the assassin used the highest level of possession in the game to lead the man out onto a ledge. Once he was in position, Atano used a wind blast to send him soaring over the edge to his death below.

The second playthrough of the level demonstrated a more combat-oriented approach. The assassin moved quickly between enemies, using his teleportation to get a positional advantage on them. Sword play is brutal and bloody with flying limbs not an uncommon sight. With a blade in his right hand and a mix between guns, crossbows, and supernatural abilities in the other, the assassin moves from one target to the next fluidly.

A shorter second half of the demo featured Atano facing off with multiple Tall Boys, enemies carried by long-legged machines. These enemy types looked a lot tougher than the standard variation that was easily dealt with in the first part. It looks like you’ll really have to think tactically when facing them, especially if there is more than one and they begin to gang up on you.

There’s no wrong way to play Dishonored. You choose how you play, whether that is as a silent assassin or rampaging brute.

You’ll get your chance to choose how you play this October.

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