Doctor Who puts a lot of pressure on any actor who participates not to reveal anything. So it seems that John Hurt might not have gotten the “cone of silence” memo. (spoilers)

Poor John Hurt, apparently he forgot that there is this thing known as the Internet, and everything and anything you say, even during the tiniest of gatherings, can get around the globe in a hot five seconds. Hurt was at a gathering in his hometown in support of a local theatre. During the course of the evening he made several remarks about the value of live theatre, acting in general, and then he let this tidbit loose regarding his involvement in the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who.

“Mr Hurt, who lives near Cromer, earlier told the EDP he had just finished shooting a Dr Who 3D special in which he plays ‘part of the Doctor’ in a ‘kind of trinity’ which includes David Tennant.”

The comments were made to The Eastern Daily Press, which is a very small, local publication. Perhaps Hurt thought he was speaking off the record, perhaps the paper took the commentary out-of-context, or perhaps Hurt thought that no one would hear about his commentary. Regardless, the comments, however they were intended, are now out as public fodder, and neither Hurt nor the BBC is likely to clarify them. Oh to be a fly on the wall at the BBC in Steven Moffat’s office when word of this reached his ears! One can only imagine the email missive and/or phone call that Hurt(pictured below) received.


So, the question now arises: What “part” are we talking about? Perhaps the largest clue is in the costume Hurt was observed wearing (seen above). It’s a leather jacket that is awfully similar to Chris Eccleston’s signature jacket. So is Hurt some version of “the Doctor” from the future/past who likes the ninth Doctor’s taste in fashion?

Ian Chesterton school coal hill doctor who

The other possibility is the, “part of,” is supposed to be meant more figuratively. Is he part of a team of three people that battle the Zygons? Given that recent signage indicated Ian Chesterton’s presence, perhaps he plays Ian. The character would be in his 80s (assuming the Jo Grant description isn’t canon) and with make-up Hurt could certainly pull-off that age range.

What’s your opinion? Is all of this much ado about nothing, or did John Hurt reveal a major plot point?

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