Matthew Vaughn has been rumored to be on Disney’s Star Wars 7 director shortlist, and after his sudden departure from X-Men: Days of Future Past, coupled with this interview from longtime cohort Jason Flemyng, it’s beginning to seem more and more possible.

By no stretch of the imagination is this a confirmation, but in an interview with Hey You Guys (via Slashfilm), longtime friend of Matthew Vaughn, Jason Flemyng, was asked about if Vaughn had approached the actor for a role in Star Wars 7.

Since Flemyng has appeared in nine of Vaughn’s movies, the question was meant to be a rather leading joke, but Flemyng simply responded with a misleading droid impersonation (he’s making R2D2 noises while impersonating C3PO, but we can forgive him for that) and the hope that Vaughn would approach him.

More specifically, he acts as though the decision has already been made and that Vaughn would have the power to cast him or not cast him.

“So we’ll see what happens with that,” said Flemyng.

The interview then asks, “So he’s interested then?”

Flemyng replies, “In what – Star Wars? That’s wh-”

And then he proceeds to give the most guilty look of all time.

You can watch it for yourself below. Keep a vial of salt handy, and keep in mind that this is not confirmation that Matthew Vaughn will be directing Star Wars 7. However, if your local betting place is currently taking bets, it might not hurt to put your life savings on Vaughn to take the reigns of the franchise.

Skip to 1:11 for the Star Wars 7 related bit and go ahead and jump to 1:30 if you want to see the face of a man who knows too much and fears that Disney might be on the building behind him with a sniper rifle.

What do you think? Will Matthew Vaughn be helming the new Star Wars sequel? Does an actor making a funny face not do it for you confirmation-wise?

Either way, Disney should be making an announcement soon, if not in response to this slip-up, then simply to draw attention back to its brand new property.

Would you like to see Matthew Vaughn direct ‘Star Wars 7’?

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