Dexter season 8 rolls out two new teasers trailers aired by Showtime. Could either character still be here come the end of Dexter season 8?

Dexter  season 8 is counting down the days until June 30, and Showtime is wasting no time by releasing what appears to be trailers almost every week. Showtime have given us two brand new trailers, with Dexter’s trailer titled, “Behind a Mask” and Debra’s, “Killer or Innocent.”

Dexter’s teaser is incredible. The production crew has done a fantastic job in really bringing the first mouth-watering prospect of a trailer to Dexter fans all around. It’s refreshing to hear Dexter finally admit that his mask “has been slipping the last few years.” And if we break down all the facial stills of Dexter, the evolution of shots are revealing that torment and disarray that has come with the slipping of the mask.

Obviously, the production crew has saved the best shot until last, with Dexter wrapped in his trademark plastic laying on the table. But what does that tell us? This tells us two things. There’s a decision that has been forced with the writers to either kill Dexter or save him. The cheeky smile right at the end would suggest the latter. He’s the protagonist, the fans love him, so why should they kill him? But, on the other hand, it is the final season. Could Dexter season 8 finish with the death of Dexter?

Debra’s trailer however is a completely different story. Dexter is providing the narration and describes himself as “ruining” his sister. His darkness touched the one person he wishes it hadn’t, and the pressure that now sits on Debra’s shoulders appears to be too much. Especially after this sneak-peek Showtime gave us last week.

Debra is beyond stable, and this is nothing short of what we expected. The themes that run throughout the trailer are prescription drugs, weapons, blood, anger, and fear. This is Deb’s season, finally, and we expect Jennifer Carpenter to flourish in Dexter season 8.

Dexter season 8 premieres on Showtime on June 30.

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